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Transcript santa_cruz_sureno_clothing

The following local photographs represent Santa Cruz Sureño gangs:
• Brown Pride Santa Cruz (BPSC)
• Beach Flats Sureños (BFS)
• Santa East Side (SES)
• Villa San Carlos (VSC)
• Mara Salvatrucha (MS)
The items shown here are popular among youth. Many non-gang members also wear
these particular clothes and accessories. Simply wearing these clothes does not
necessarily indicate gang involvement. However, the clothing represented here is also
worn by local gang members (and those imitating gang members).
These images are shown here in the spirit of prevention and intervention. They are
meant to be a tool for parents and educators. Again, simply wearing these items does
not mean a youth is gang-involved. As parents and educators we should look for other
causes for concern.
Other Causes for Concern:
Wearing many of the items shown here.
Refusing to wear red.
Wearing items shown here, as well as graffiti or tagging on
notebooks, using hand-signs, changes in behavior or other
signs of potential involvement
Please also note that clothing trends are constantly changing. We will update this website as
often as possible to reflect those changes.
Baseball Hats
Depicted in the
photograph above is a
Kansas City baseball
cap in solid blue that
signifies “Kill a Chico”
which is referenced to
the West Side Chicos, a
Norteño gang in Santa
The LA Dodgers baseball hat
is commonly worn by Sureño
criminal street gang members
because of the color blue.
Depicted in the photograph below is
a baseball cap with Sureño writing
on the inside.
The writings include X3 which stands for
the number 13, “VSC” which stands for
Villa San Carlos (a local Santa Cruz Sureño
gang), and the 3 dots with two lines
beneath them which is the number 13 in the
Mayan numerical system.
The local Santa Cruz Sureño criminal street gang known as
Brown Pride Santa Cruz (BPSC) will wear the color brown
in addition to the color blue.
Depicted in the photograph above is a brown
hooded zip up sweatshirt with the brand-name
“Dickies” written in white and outlined in blue.
At first glance the sweatshirt would seem
main-stream and to not have gang value, but to someone involved with the
gang culture it speaks volumes about the person wearing it.
The South Pole brand is very popular
among youth in general
but is also used by Sureños
to express their gang affiliation.
More examples of South Pole clothing.
Depicted in the two photographs above are South
Pole t-shirts that are commonly worn by Sureño
criminal street gang members, associates and their
affiliates. They are more specifically worn by
Brown Pride Santa Cruz (BPSC).
Looking at the photograph below you can note the lack of red
clothing and the variety of blue or brown clothing. The Sureño
gangs use the color blue or brown to show their affiliation.
Depicted in the photograph is a
young man wearing a blue baseball
cap with a long white t-shirt and
baggy pants.
Aside from the hand sign and blue
hat one can see the oversized shirt
and pants. Many times those who
associate themselves with the gang
culture or life will often wear
oversized clothing. The oversized
clothing can be a means of
concealing weapons, contraband or
narcotics as well as simply being a
popular style.
Today we find that
most of the youth that
participate in the gang
culture will often use
subtle ways of
identifying themselves
with their respective
The clothing and accessories shown here are meant to be used as a tool for parents,
educators and community members to identify youth who may be showing signs of
gang involvement.
It should be noted that these items are often adopted by mainstream youth who may not
be involved. Parents and educators should be concerned if they see a predominance of
the one color or style of dress as shown here, together with other signs of involvement.
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