gao gang and rao rashi

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Transcript gao gang and rao rashi

Rao Rashi
Worked: youth organizer,
trades union organizer.
Political commissar in the
civil war
After the war he became
governor of East region
Minister of Party’s
organization dep.
Gao Gang
No education,Virtually
Effective organizer
Economic recovery of
1952 head of central
planning commission
Stalinist approach
Rising star
Responsable 1st 5yr plan
 Gao Gang plotted to replace Liu
Established alliance with Rao
Mao was alerted by Xiaoping
Accused to build ‘independent kingdoms’
Were identified as individuals going against
Mao denounced Gang at Politburo meeting
‘’sinister wind’’
Gang committed suicide
Rashi prison
Served as warning
Gang and Rashi were powerful so denouncement was strong
Suspicions progressed to paranoia
More powerful = more detached
Colleagues not sharing real feelings and opinions
‘’going to the people’’ – people trained