Technological Innovation in Smart Grid Development

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Transcript Technological Innovation in Smart Grid Development

Technological Innovation in Smart Grid Development

GREAT Tech Watch Event 18


September 2014

Andrew Keane Smart Networks

Technical innovation is transforming every element of the electricity value chain

Renewables Distributed Generation CCS Generation Automation Ecars Comms & ICT Smart Grids Networks Smart Metering Energy Efficiency/Usage Customer

Evolution of DSO Model

Reactive Technology Integration Pro-active System Management Passive Networks

 & control at MV&LV   Low observability Insufficient data exchange Missing rules for RES contribution to security and quality of supply  Future Regulatory uncertainty  DSO controls voltage, active & reactive power to solve constraints  Large increase in devices  IT & comms infrastructure build  Increased data availability

Evolution of Regulatory frameworks and market architectures Technology

 Management   Active Network Efficient real-time data exchange Flexibility provided to TSO for frequency & voltage issues   Greater customer involvement Market reform

ESB Networks’ vision for an Integrated Grid

Information Flow Renewables & Clean Generation Smart Networks Smart Metering Connected Home Distributed Generation & Electric Vehicles Energy Flow The Integration of resilient Energy Infrastructure, Communication Networks & Information Technology

Integrating Renewables

• By 2020, Ireland will have the largest penetration of renewable generation in the EU • Wind is the abundant renewable resource but volume of PV enquiries & connections increasing • Facilitate the delivery of Ocean & Tidal energy projects • By 2027 ESB Networks will: ● Minimise connection costs through innovative but secure connections ● Dynamically manage networks, realising the potential of DER to minimise losses ● Have a fully active network – matching flexible customer loads to variable generation

Smart Network Innovation

• • • • 13,000 remotely operable devices will be deployed on the Network Increased visibility & control of LV networks Through innovation and excellence in operations, electricity distribution efficiency will be substantially improved Active Network Management will be implemented – development of Servo system to manage Demand Response

Research, Development & Demonstration

• • • • ESB Networks is the ‘Exemplar International Utility’ MoU in place with EirGrid, NIE and SONI to establish test-bed & facilitate optimal Smart Grid development on the island of Ireland Strategic Partnership Programme focusing on Energy Systems Integration

RD&D Priorities:

● Improved Continuity and Security ● Increased Operational Efficiency ● Facilitation of Demand Response ● EU FP7 & Horizon 2020

Industry Partnerships & Collaborations

FINESCE Urban Automation evolvDSO PlanGrid EV Real-time Condition Assessment WF Reactive Control Amorphous Core Trafos EnerNet 4SmartLV Variable Access Servo Data Analytics EVs Smart Metering Demand Response


Telecoms Technologies

● Provide thousands of secure circuits to HV stations via Fibre & Radio ● Enables Central Control, Operation & Protection of the Transmission & Distribution Networks ● Fibre, wireless mesh & WiMax 4G trials for LV applications ● IP protocols capable of supporting a huge increase in number of devices connected ● Utilise dedicated fibre-optic technology secured on the electricity networks

• • • •

North Atlantic Green Zone

Collaborative Project between ESB Networks, Northern Ireland Electricity, EirGrid & SONI Characteristics of Region: • • • • Large natural renewable resource Geographically isolated Worst Quality of Supply standards Continuity >200% worse than average Full scale implementation of a Smart Grid Deployment of proven technologies

Key Objectives

● ● ● ● ● Mitigate the technical challenges presented by increasing distributed RES penetration levels Improve continuity and security of supply for all users Provide variable access capacity on distribution networks Reduce losses and deliver energy efficiencies Increase cross-border connectivity and System Operator collaboration

Key Deliverables

● ● ● ● ● ● Full 20kV conversion Distribution Management System Advanced Arc Suppressed protection system Optical Fibre in all HV Substations & 4G communication to down-line equipment Increased sensing and automation on each feeder 4 points of interconnection with NI


• • • Ireland is uniquely positioned for future Smart Grid development ESB Networks will invest up to €10bn in further developing the electricity system ESB Networks will keep Ireland competitive through: • • • • • Innovation in network management Improved network resilience and quality of supply Deliver the systems to enable active customer participation Maximising renewable generation to reduce dependency on imported fuels Meeting challenging regulatory targets

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