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Michelle Merritt



focuses on three families embarking on their summer holiday at the end of the year. The families are seen as a cross section of the Australian community at the time and they have different life experiences, aspirations and attitudes.

Setting It is important to remember that this is a play. The theatre setting is described as minimalist so that the focus is placed on the characters and their interaction with one another.

The ‘larger’ setting is the late 1960’s when Australia’s involvement in the Vietnam war was causing social and political criticism and dissent.


The play is written in five acts, structured into overture, conflict and resolution.

Physical Journey The play begins during the Christmas season and the characters undergo transformation as they face challenges on their ‘physical’ journey when faced with new situations and unfamiliar environments.

Dramatic Features Stock/Stereotypical Characters Play within a Play Soliloquy Juxtaposition Imagery

Language – Figures of Speech Colloquial Language Shakespearean Allusion Sarcasm Metaphor Repetition Irony

Character List Vic • She shows strength of character in the face of practical.

herson’s illness • Supporting and loving, very Harry •Like Vic, Harry is very supportive of his family, practically minded and loves his son.

Gwen • Experience of poverty have led to her being bitter and hardened • Class conscious and pretentious Coral • Emotionally disconnected • Inability to accept the loss of her son Jim •Seems submissive and passive in the beginning; however, this is understanding.

•He is patient and stoic – holding his family together. A Peacemaker.

Roy •The school principal •Concerned with his position in society Tom • He is a young man and budding actor who has cancer • He has a larger part as a ‘healer’ in the play.

Meg •Strong willed and opinionated •Quick tempered

Themes Family Life and Death Nature as a healing force Shakespeare


Christmas Present The Beach The Shells The Bonfire The Storm