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Places and People
Stage Terminology
 Stage – the area of the theatre where the
performance takes place
Backstage – the stage area that is hidden from the
audience; usually contains set pieces and crew
Wings – the backstage areas to the sides of the
Apron – the area of the stage directly downstage
from the proscenium arch; generally in front of or
on top of the orchestra pit
House - the part of the theatre where the audience
Proscenium Theatre
 The proscenium arch forms a portal which divides
the stage from the audience
 The audience directly faces the stage
 The stage is usually elevated
Burnsville Performing Arts Center
Thrust Stage
 Stage protrudes out into the audience
 Audience is located on three sides of the thrust
 Sometimes includes a proscenium arch
University of North Carolina - Greensboro
North Central College
Theatre In The Round
 AKA – Arena Theatre
 The stage is surrounded on all sides by the
 Actors enter/exit through passages called
vomitoriums or voms
University of North Carolina - Greensboro
Black Box Theatre
 A typically small and very versatile performance
 Seating can be arranged in any configuration
The Christman Company
University of South Florida
Stage Directions
 The directions used by the actors to help them
navigate the stage
 Stage directions are always referenced from the
point-of-view of the performers
Musical Theater Kids
More Theatre Terms
 Proscenium Arch – the portal that divides the stage
from the audience
 Orchestra Pit – a lowered room in front of the stage
where the orchestra sits and plays
 Control Booth – the room at the back of the house
where the stage manager, lighting, and sound
technicians operate
 Vomitorium – an entrance either under or between
the audience sections where the actors or audience
members enter & exit
The Fly System
 The system of ropes, pulleys, and counterweights
designed to raise and lower scenery, soft goods,
people, lighting, and sound equipment on and off
Theater Bielefeld Schnurboden
Theatre Lore
 Traditionally, it is bad luck to whistle in a theatre.
Could pirates be to blame?
Well…sort of…
Theatre Lore
Theatrical fly systems were originally created in the
style of ship rigging. Naturally, out-of-work sailors
who were familiar with ropes and rigging were the best
people to hire to operate the theatrical fly systems.
Theatre Personnel
Producer – the financier of theatrical productions
 Director – responsible for casting the play; has on overall artistic
vision of the play
 Stage Manager – runs rehearsals and performances; oversees
performers and stage crew
 Production Manager – oversees designers and builders of the
 Company Manager – handles all business transactions of the
 Designers – bring the director’s artistic vision to life with lighting,
sound, scenery, costumes, props, etc.
 Performers – actors and musicians who enact the script of the play
Theatre Hierarchy
Actors &
Stage Crew,
Master Electrician,
Technical Director