Transcript Modelling

Laboratory of Modelling and Optimizing
Information Communication Networks and
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
About the Laboratory
• Laboratory is a part of the Department of
Information and Communication Traffic of
the Faculty of Transport and Traffic
Sciences, University of Zagreb.
• It was formed in order to conduct
practical classes and exercises.
• It serves for the purpose of scientific and
expert research.
Laboratory Scope
• Information Communication Traffic field
• Information Communication Networks
• Field of Services for data and voice
Laboratory Equipment
• Switching node
• Terminal devices
• Personal computers
• Active network equipment (routers,
switches, mainly CISCO)
Equipment (Highlighted)
• OPNET Modeler
• OPNET Wireless module
• OPNET Terrain modeling module
OPNET Modeler
• Advanced modelling and simulation of
Information Communication Networks
• Support for 800+ protocols and various
vendors’ devices
• Scalable wireless simulations by including
terrain, mobility and path-loss models
• Discrete events, hybrid and analitical
• Integrated GUI debugging and analysis
OPNET Wireless module
• Simulation and modelling of wireless
• Simulations include movement in mobile
networks, earth’s surface, air and satelite
• Support for GSM, CDMA, UMTS, IEEE 802.16
WiMAX, LTE, ad hoc, wireless LAN (IEEE
802.11), Bluetooth, ZigBee, satelite
networks etc.
OPNET Terrain Modelling Module
• Advanced modelling and simulations
of wireless networks, with the
application of various propagation
models, in the function of analysis of
radio waves propagation through
virtual terrain
OPNET – Optimum Network
Equipment - highlighted
• Implemented 3CX UC system with Call Centre
Unlimited extension number
Unlimited trunk and gateway number
8 channels
Integration with MS Exchange, Active Directory,
Outlook clients and CRM systems
– SIP trunking, HD sound
– Supports virtualization
– Video calls
Equipment - highlighted
• 3CX Voice Application Designer
– Application development from pre prepared
– Control of the components
• VoIP devices
• GSM Gateway
• Softwer VoIP phones
• Research of Information Communication Networks
• Testing and analysis of QoS
• Simulation of traffic
• Modelling and optimization of Information
Communication Networks
• Research of economic impacts and aspects of
Activities (continued)
• Analysis of telecommunication market and policy
• Education about issues in the field of modelling
and optimizing Information Communication
Networks and Services
• Analysis of regulatory legal aspects of electronic
• Analysis of Information Communication Networks
Laboratory – an inside look
Membership in the International
• TM Forum
• Web page:
• E-mail:
– Head of the Department of Information and
Communication Traffic
• Associate professor Dragan Peraković, PhD
– [email protected]
– Head of the Laboratory:
• Ivan Forenbacher, B.Eng.
– [email protected]