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Aulika Gran Crema
February 2015
Mod. 008/GEN,
Old Royal and Aulika Gran Crema: from the tradition to the future
Old Royal
Aulika Gran Crema
Old Royal and Aulika Gran Crema: from the tradition to the
2 lines display
New wide dot-matrix display, clear messages /
Double circuit
Single circuit with thermoblock
Old cappuccinatore
New cappuccinatore „Thunder” for steam and hot
water (not on a picture)
Not energy efficient
Class A of energy consumption
Large Capacities: water tank: 2,0 lt
coffee beans: 350 gr
coffee dumps: 14
Larger capacities : water tank: 2,2 lt
coffee beans: 350 gr
coffee dumps: 20
Heavy duty metal grinders
Heavy duty metal grinders
Conical brew group specifically designed for Royal
Conical brew group specifically designed for Royal
Old Royal and Aulika Gran Crema: improvements
new stylish design, new interface
layout, wide dot-matrix display,
clear messages / icons
New Cappuccinatore
(not on a picture)
for steam and hot water
dispensing nose
Class A of energy consumption,
Eco mode function
Consumption in stand-by <0,2 W
Old Royal and Aulika Gran Crema: classic features
according to Royal tradition
• Heavy metal grinders for an heavy use of the machine
• Conical brew group specifically designed for Royal
• Coffee strength selection is on the right side (1), with 7 steps of
aroma. On the same side also the lever for grinder setting (2).
Aulika Gran Crema main features
Your milk specialties
Automatic cappuccinatore for creamy cappuccinos
Your Espresso
Adjustable coffee strength, temperature and length
Cup Warmer
A Class
Easy to use
One touch beverage selection
Large capacity containers
Easy to clean and to maintain
Automatic cleaning and de-scaling
Dishwasher safe cappuccinatore
Aulika Gran Crema: long-lasting performance
Large capacity containers
2,2 liters
water tank
Heavy duty grinder
350 gr
20 cakes
dump box
1 liters
Drip tray
The capacities of all the containers (water tank, coffee
bean hopper, coffee dump box, drip tray) have been
balanced in order to have no operations during the day
(up to 20 coffees)
Conical grinders:
- work large quantities of coffee beans
- are less sensitive to external elements that could
be found in coffee (stones, pieces of wood etc)
- keep consistency in grinding
Aulika Gran Crema: your own coffee specialty
Adjustable coffee strength,
length and temperature
Pre-brewing function
for flavor enhancing
Royal Gran Crema offers you the
possibility to customize the coffee as
you like it – from the most intense
espresso to a mild cup of long coffee.
Thanks to the Pre-brewing function, the coffee
grounds are moistened before the brewing
process, ensuring that aroma are extracted
even better, releasing the flavor you deserve.
Aulika Gran Crema: easy to use
Automatic Cappuccinatore
•Automatic frothing for Cappuccino,
Latte Macchiato and hot milk.
Milk specialties in two steps: first froth
your milk and then ask for an espresso
Integrated cup warmer
The cups for espresso, cappuccino and
latte macchiato can be easily put on the
top of the machine and kept warm
without the necessity to have an
external accessory to store them
Aulika Gran Crema: easy to clean and maintain
Automatic cleaning
and descaling
Dishwasher safe
brewing group
The automatic cappuccinatore is easy
to dismantled and can be washed in
the dishwasher
The brewing group is at the heart
of every fully automatic coffee
machine and it should always be
kept clean: a task that doesn’t get
any more convenient than with a
Saeco. Remove, rinse and
re-insert – done!
The automatic cleaning cycle for
coffee circuit is completely
The cleaning cycle for milk circuit
is automatic once triggered by
De-scaling cycle: automatic
once triggered by consumer
Aulika Gran Crema: Eco Friendly
Energy Saving:
– “A class” energy label, according to Swiss regulation
– Time to stand-by can be set by the end consumer
according to his/her needs; in stand-by the power
consumption is less than 0,2 W
– Eco mode function, settable via SW
Aulika Gran Crema technical specifications:
1. Matt black finishing
2. Chromed accents
(dispensing nose and
display frame)
3. Cup warmer and drip
tray grid in metal
4. Screen button
5. hot water and steam
pipe with cappuccinatore
6. adjustable/removable
dispensing nose
7. New name proposed
“Gran Crema”
8. Single circuit (with
new high tech
thermoblock, no double
boiler / double pump)
Aulika Gran Crema Interface
Interface details:
Buttons on the left:
Powder option
Long coffee
Buttons on the right:
Hot water
3. Cappuccinatore
„Thunder” (as in
Lirika Plus) modern
and high performing.