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Transcript Registration Info Class of 2019

Perrysburg High School
Class of 2019
Curriculum Fair Night
February 4, 2015
Necessary Materials
Registration Materials
Course Selection Guide Booklet
Curriculum Fair Map
PHS Counseling Department
Mary Neely, Secretary/Registrar - A-K
Andi Petrie- Secretary/Registrar- L-Z
Christin Lee- Counselor- A-D [email protected]
Dawn Burks- Counselor- E-K [email protected]
Steve Pierce- Counselor- L-R [email protected]
Rick Rettig- Counselor- S-Z [email protected]
Required Courses
(4 credits)
Math- (Alg II required)
(4 credits)
Social Studies (Gov. & A.H)
(3 credits)
Science (Physical & Biology)
(3 credits)
Phy. Ed. (or PE Waiver)
(.5 credits)
(.5 credits)
(1 credit)
21 overall credits
New Graduation
(one of three)
Earn 18 points on 7 end of course exams
Earn “remediation free” score on a
standardized college admission test (ACT
or SAT)
Earn industry recognized credential and
demonstrate workforce readiness on a job
skills assessment
End of Course Tests
Total of 7 TestsEnglish- Grades 9 & 10
Math- Algebra I & Geometry
Science- Biology
Social Studies- Government and American
End of Course Tests (cont.)
Scaled Scores:
5- Advanced
4- Accelerated
3- Proficient
2- Basic
1- Limited
End of Course Tests (cont.)
Bottom line:
Of the 18 points student must earn 4 points in English
 4 points in Math
 6 points in Science & Social Studies
(no minimum score on any tests)
End of Course Tests (cont.)
Students who have already received
high school credit for Alg I or
geometry will receive 3 points for
each course
AP scores can substitute in lieu of
end-of-course tests. The higher score
will count
College Admission Tests
Junior Year
The State of Ohio covers the cost of these
Remediation Free Scores: (subject to change)
 English 18 (PHS avg. 23.5)
 Math 22 (PHS avg. 24.4)
 Reading 21 (PHS avg. 24.2)
 Science (not required for graduation)
 Social Studies (not required for graduation)
Tests (cont.)
All students will take 7 End of
Course Tests and the College
Admission Test.
Industry Credentialed
All Penta Programs (minus
Digital Video Production) have
industry recognized credentialing
or state board licensing.
“Workforce Ready” will
be the WorkKeys Survey or a
similar type of assessment
Post-Secondary Education Option
Plan is transitioning to College
Credit Plus
Typically an option for juniors and
seniors, but is open to all students.
Mandatory meeting Feb. 19th at 6:30
at PHS.
High School Courses
Honors courses earn 4.5 scaled score and are
challenging to advanced students
AP Courses earn a 5.0 scaled score are not
available to freshman, but will be available
starting sophmore year
Lincoln Interactive courses are college prep
courses that are very rigorous. Students
will need to be an independent learner who
is resourceful and driven intrinsically
Honors Diploma
High School Academic
including Physics & Chemistry
Social Studies
Foreign Language (3)
Fine Art
 Career-Technical
 English
 Math
 Science
including 2 advanced
 Social Studies (4)
 Career-Tech
 Career-Tech
How Do I Schedule?
The Basics:
English- (0110, 0111, 0112)
Math- (2111, 2212, 2211, 2212)
Social Studies (1111, 1112)
Science (3110, 3112)
(4 periods of the 7 period day are filled)
How Do I Schedule? (cont.)
Intro to Art?
Music (vocal or instrumental)?
Foreign Language?
(All are year long classes equaling one
period- remember max is 7 periods)
How Do I schedule (cont.)
Basic Drama, Speech, Etc
Study Hall(s)
All are semester classes. Two semesters
equal one full period.
You must be able to add to 7 periods
including study halls to have a complete
Sample Schedule
Algebra I
Physical Science
Introduction to Art 5500
Spanish I
Study Hall Sem 1
Study Hall Sem 2
6 Credits!
7 Periods!
Schedule Changes
Choose courses wisely. No elective
schedule changes
No request for teacher preference, lunch
preference or study hall preference.
Schedules must be completely filled out
including alternate courses in case an
elective is no longer offered or if it is full
Physical Education
Physical education is worth .25 credit, but
lasts a full semester
The Physical Education Waiver allows
students to waive the P.E. requirement, but
does not give them credit for the course.
Waivers are granted with the completion of
two completed seasons of a sponsored
athletic sport, marching band, or
OHSAA Eligibility
• Must earn a 1.5 GPA or pass at least 5 academic
classes in the previous grading period (not
including PE).
• 4th quarter grades for fall sports.
• Students who transfer schools after attending
another high school will lose athletic eligibility for
one full year from the point of transfer. However,
a student may transfer back to their “home”
school from a private institution once without
NCAA Eligibility starts NOW
What if the teacher recommendation doesn’t
match the course I want?
Recommendations are meant to help you succeed
Talk with teacher about reevaluating at end of year
Will I get closed out of any classes?
Master schedule is based on requests
Certain classes may not fit – always provide an
alternate class
Lack of requests may result in courses being cancelled
Should I fill out a schedule if I have an IEP or 504
Yes, work with effective studies teachers
Meetings to discuss individual classes
When will I find out my schedule for next year?
Course requests at PJHS beginning Feb 12th
Counselor may call May-Aug with conflicts
Final Schedule in August, during orientation
If I have some individual questions about certain
classes or some personal concerns, where can I
find answers before I fill out my registration?
Registration tables
HS Counselors
When and where can we find information
regarding summer school at Perrysburg or Penta?
Main Office at PHS after Spring Break
The Next Steps
Read course descriptions and prerequisites.
Take registration form to teachers at the Jr. High for their
initials in the next week.
Always include an Alternate Class.
Feb. 11 forms due to Language Arts teacher
Feb 11 Mr. Rettig at St. Rose for lunch meeting
Feb. 12-14 PHS Counselors advising at PJHS and register
online during Social Studies class
April Froshfest