Expanding your Sleep Center Neuro

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Transcript Expanding your Sleep Center Neuro

Expanding your Sleep Center with Neuro-Diagnostic Testing


Presented by: Mirsa K Nieland, R.EEG.T

Factors to Consider Before Expanding  Reimbursement  Logistics  Hardware/Software  Personnel  Marketing

Factors to Consider Before Expanding  Reimbursement  Would your current contracts allow you to bill for Neurodiagnostic services?

Factors to Consider Before Expanding  Logistics  Do you have the physical space within your current facility to add services?

 1. Can you use pre existing space?

 2. Do you have the option to expand ?

Factors to Consider Before Expanding  Hardware/Software  Will the equipment you currently have accommodate a dual purpose?

 Will you need to purchase additional equipment or software?

Factors to Consider Before Expanding  Personnel  Is your current technical staff cross-trained in more then one modality?

 Do you have enough support staff in place. (i.e.) Day time receptionist, scheduling, billing?  Do you have a Physician available that has the time and expertise required to assist you in this expansion?

Factors to Consider Before Expanding  Marketing  Where will your referrals come from?  Will your current marketing plan work for Neuro and sleep ?

 Do you have an established relationship with a Neurologist that can help you promote your new services?

Neurodiagnostic procedures that are most commonly added to sleep centers  Electroencephalography (EEG)  Long Term Monitoring  Video Monitoring  Ambulatory Monitoring  NCV/EMG  Evoked Potentials

Electroencephalography (EEG) If your sleep equipment can be used to perform EEG studies and you have cross trained personnel you have the opportunity to increase your income immediately.  1. Most centers have day staff for MSLT’s and other studies, why not add EEG’s? 2. This is a great way to retain good employees as well.

Neurodiagnostic procedures that are offered in Sleep Centers with 24 hour staffing.  Long Term Monitoring  Extended Video Monitoring

Neurodiagnostic procedures that can be added to your center but may require additional scrutiny.  NCV/EMG – Recent decreases in reimbursement may require you to review your business/financial plan.

 Evoked Potentials - Very narrow market with highest financial investment in equipment and staffing.

Ambulatory Monitoring (EEG)  From a business perspective adding Ambulatory Monitoring should be high on your list.  Equipment can be a purchase or lease. (Based on your budget)  Staffing – minimal time commitment from staff.


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