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Is SHE you?
Helping women business owners fully realize the SHE inside.
High Potential
Benefits For Your Business As Our Preferred Client
• Receive your own “Board of Directors” and direct
access to expertise from numerous business
disciplines ranging from marketing to legal and
finance, HR, accounting, operations, and more!
• Position your company for increased growth and
Benefits For Your Business As Our Preferred Client
• Join an elite group of women who have learned
how to break the $1M revenue barrier.
• Receive customized, personal mentoring and
support from local professionals.
• Reach the business goals you have always
dreamed of!
Who do we serve?
• Established women business owners looking to
reach the next level
• Niche target market in Central Florida
• Businesses located in Orange, Seminole and
Osceola counties
• A variety of industries
Program Graduates
Julie Swatek,
Diana LaRue, Appleton Creative
Gail Mears, Club Z! In-Home Tutoring
Monica Taffinder, Grace Christian
Clinic Counseling
Stacy Ethun, Park Avenue Group
Candace Crowe, Candace Crowe
Connie Miller, Walker Miller
Equipment Company
Andrea Christy, Christy Distribution
Anna Schmidt, Schmidt Design
• Brighid Williams, Kerry Giedd and
Nicole Beedle, Eola Eyes
• Dawn Smith, Incredibly Edible
• Sheryl Batchelder, National Indexing
• Debbie Farah, Bajalia
• Hillary Bressler, .com Marketing
• Summer Rodman, Amazon Hose &
• Amy Marvin – Sign-A-Rama
• Julie Galletti – Florida Specialty
Testimonial from a Graduate
“After being in business 12 years and having experienced two economic downturns, I
thought I was well prepared to face a third financial crisis. Wrong! I had no idea just
how bad things would get or how long they would last. I was so fortunate to find out
about AthenaPowerLink because when all is said and done, I believe, my panel of
experts were instrumental in helping me survive. When I started to doubt my own
competency, my team rallied around me, bolstering my spirit and helped me maintain
Aside from the moral support, my group provided excellent tactical strategies to help
me evolve to a changing environment. We established a new path together, evaluated
our progress and eventually turned the ship right. I went from having my best year in
business in 2006, to my worst year ever in 2009 (the year I had my Athena panel) to my
best year ever in 2011.
There is not “one” thing I can say about my group that helped make the difference, it
was many. Some ideas simmered and took shape over time and others were epiphanies
that hit you between the eyes. All in all, my Athena experience was life changing and so
rewarding. I have new friends, new experts on which to rely and an assurance that I
truly can overcome most any obstacle.”
Stacy Ethun Stevens
Park Avenue Group
Client annual revenue before starting program:
• Average - $2,300,000
• Median - $900,000
Clients report average increase in revenues of 26% after
completion of program
Clients report average increase in number of employees
by 33% after completion of program
To date Athena clients have added 70 new jobs in the
Central Florida area
How Do We Serve?
• 100% volunteer driven
• On-boarding with business consultant team
• Advisory panel hand-selected for the womanowned business
Program Requirements
To qualify, a business must meet the following criteria:
• 51% owned and actively managed by a woman or women
• In operation for a minimum of two years
• At least two full-time employees (including the business
owner), or a number of employees whose total work hours add
up to two full-time positions
• Annual revenues of at least $250,000 for a retail or
manufacturing business, or $100,000 for a professional services
• Owner should have clearly defined objectives and specific
reasons for seeking an advisory panel
Also, Important…
• Our business owners must:
• Have Growth Potential
• Be Coachable
• Have the Ability to Act
• Commitment runs for a full 12-month period
• Scheduling is flexible - Meetings can occur
monthly or quarterly, and individual meetings
with advisory panel members is also encouraged
Two Open Enrollment Periods Per Year
• Fall – September 1st – September 30th
• Spring – March 1st – March 31st
• We select up to three (3) women-owned
businesses per cycle
How Can You Apply for the Program?
• Visit our Website to download an application at
• Contact Joshua Snyder, Program Manager,
ATHENAPowerLink at (407) 646-2446 or
[email protected]
Application Process
Submit application to Program Manager
One-time application fee of $100
Screening of applications
Governing Body candidate review
Site interviews
Selected candidates attend interviews in front of the entire
Governing Body
Governing Body makes selection that same day
ATHENAPowerLink Sponsors
Governing Body
Christi Adams
Foley & Lardner LLP
Judi Awsumb
Awsumb Enterprises
Cari Coats
Rollins College - Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship
Laura Eidson Cosgrove
Eidson Insurance
Esther Vargas-Davis
UCF Business Incubation Program
Dwain DeVille
WaterMark International
Mike Estes
PNC Bank
Andrea Massey-Farrell
Massey Communications
Bridget Lee
Beverly Marshall Luney
Metro Orlando EDC
Karen Keene
Dean Mead
Diana LaRue
Appleton Creative
Shelley Lauten
Pamela Rogan
Diane Sears
DiVerse Media/Go for the Greens
Jean Seawright
Seawright & Associates
Marni Spence
ATHENAPowerLink is
advised by a Governing
Body comprised of
prominent local
professionals committed
to helping women
business owners.
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