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Parent Information
Spring 2015
EBR Office of Professional Development and
What Tests Are The Students Taking?
Q: What standardized tests will my child take in the
A: In grades 3-8 for English language arts (ELA) and
mathematics, Louisiana will administer paper-based
assessments developed by The Partnership for
Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
For science and social studies, students will still take
iLEAP (3rd,5th Grade) /LEAP (4th Grade).
When Will Standardized Tests be Given?
PARCC Phase 1: PerformanceBased Assessment (PBA)
3 ELA sessions and 2 Math sessions
March 16-20
Science and Social Studies sessions only
April 14-15
PARCC Phase 2: End of Year (EOY)
2 Math sessions and 2 ELA sessions
May 4-7
The ELA portion of PARCC test will require our children to be familiar
careful, close reading of authentic complex literary (fiction) and
informational (non-fiction) texts including science and social studies
writing tasks that require students to demonstrate understanding of
texts – 3 writing tasks.
research tasks incorporating a variety of informational resources
citing evidence from texts throughout the assessment
a focus on words that matter most in the texts, including words
essential to understanding a particular text
The ELA portion of PARCC test will require our children to be familiar
Multiple days of writing; students will demonstrate command of different
styles of writing in response to both literary and informational texts of varying
Students will read and respond to multiple texts within one ELA task.
The students will answer two-part (Part A/Part B) and multiple select
questions requiring that they demonstrate deep comprehension of the texts
they read.
4th Grade ELA Example
Grade 5
Multiple Select
Goals and Instructional Practice
2014-2015 FOCUS AREAS
What should STUDENTS be doing?
English Language Arts
• Read and comprehend complex texts
• Express understanding of texts through speaking and
Goals and Instructional Practice
2014-2015 FOCUS AREAS
What should TEACHERS be doing?
Planning , Instructing , & Assessing Using…
English Language Arts
• On grade level texts daily with ALL students
• Increasingly challenging questions that help students comprehend text
• Increasingly complex tasks that require students write and speak about text
The PARCC Math Tests
The math portions of the PARCC test will include:
solving problems involving the major content and supporting content
for the grade level
expressing mathematical reasoning by constructing mathematical
arguments and critiques
solving real- world problems engaging particularly in the modeling
4th Grade Math Example
Grade 3
Goals and Instructional Practice
In math, our standards (and the aligned assessments) require:
Students master math concepts
a) Demonstrate understanding of the math concept, not just the
b) Apply their understanding to real world examples
c) Use accurate procedures and skills to answer questions
Goals and Instructional Practice
• Incorporate as many opportunities as possible to
connect content to various modeling types and
modeling situations
• Apply strategies across domains and build on strategies
learned in the previous grade level
• Apply mathematic concepts to real-world contexts
• Connect modeling tools to written explanations
• Use clear and precise mathematical vocabulary
• Use PARCC sample items and practice tests to guide
instruction and assessment development
• Take advantage of Curriculum Guides, especially
information about Task Readiness, Instructional Tasks,
and Constructed-Response Items
Shift Focus
Away From:
• Relying on quick fix “short cut” algorithms
• Going directly to standard algorithms instead of
building student conceptual understanding of standard
• Accepting only calculations as an explanation
PARCC General Information
General Information
PARCC Assessments are timed for students without extended time
No dictionaries or thesauruses are allowed during PARCC. Students
were allowed to use dictionaries and thesauruses during the writing
segments of LEAP and iLEAP ELA assessments.
No writing checklists will be given to students
Students are allowed to highlight, annotate, and underline in their
test booklets during PARCC.
Students are allowed to use scratch paper during PARCC to plan their
General Information
Students are not allowed to use calculators on any mathematics test in
grades 3 -5 unless they have accommodations.
General Information
Students in grades 3 and 4 will not have a reference sheet because the CCSS
for Mathematics for these grades do not require one.
Students in grade 5 will be allowed to use the reference sheet.
General Information
Rulers are used
Protractors used for Grades 4-5
Students will be permitted to have
school-issued scratch paper.
When Will My Child Receive Scores?
 Scores
will be released in Fall 2015.
 No retests will be given this summer.
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Where Can I Get More Information about
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Where Can I Get Information Regarding
PARCC Accessibility and Accommodations?
General Information is available from the Louisiana
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