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Transcript Presentation #2 - All Nations Christian Reformed Church

All Nations Halifax CRC
Monday, Nov. 17 2014:
Renewing our World Through
Transformational Community Development
Today’s (Nov. 17/14) Presentation
Background to World Renew
Strategy and Programs
Approach to Community
Future Strategy
Communicating World Renew
1) Background to World Renew
• Established in 1962 as CRWRC – Christian
Reformed World Relief Committee
– Name changed to World Renew in June
2012 (committee? relief?)
• Registered charity in Canada and USA that
serves as agency of choice in disaster
response and international development for
Christian Reformed Church (CRC)
Background to World Renew
• 7 Board Representatives • Operates according to
serve 3 year terms and
Carver Policy
meet quarterly
Governance Model
which emphasizes
• Ensures that World
strategic leadership
Renew achieves its
– End Policies
mission and avoid doing
– Executive Limitations
– Board-Director Linkage
Compelled by God’s deep
passion for justice and
mercy, we join
communities around the
world to change their story
from disaster/despair to
hope, from poverty to
multiplied resources, from
injustice to reconciled
relationships and restored
2) Strategy and Programs
Global Imperatives
Community Development
• Transformative practices
(community capacity)
• Partner organizational
capacity indicators
Disaster Response
• Helping individuals recover
from disaster
Education and Justice
• Constituents (focusing on
youth) involvement
Organizational Competency
• Staff: Staff diversity (ethnic
and gender) and
• Finance: Sufficient working
capital, general program
Example of Disaster
In response to Typhoon Haiyan, we
received over $6 M (as of Oct., 2014)
• Emergency food, water, kitchen
utensils, hygiene items, sleeping
mats, mosquito nets, kitchen
stoves, fuel, generators and
trauma counseling to 3,973
• After that: rehabilitation.
• Now and into the future:
Overview of Strategy – Mainstreaming
Community Development + Disaster Response
3) Approach to Community
• On-site consultation, technical assistance and
financial support to partners
• Empowering communities to set their own
development agenda and mobilize local
volunteers and resources
• Established several registered and sustainable
community-based institutions that now
manage their own development initiatives
Approach to Community Development
Strategy 1
Strengthening vital
community sectors:
– Healthcare, focus on
maternal and childhealth
– Literacy
– Agriculture and food
– Livelihoods and village
– Education
Approach to Community Development
Strategy 2
Integrating justice program strategies
Gender justice
Environmental care and restoration
Peace-building and conflict resolution
Civil society and policy change
Land rights
Human rights
Approach to Community Development
Examples of Strategy 2
Civil Society: Establish justice committees in
Mozambique following a training. Youth in Senegal
joining together to improve their communities
Land Rights: Train community members, especially
women and marginalized groups, on land rights and
the procedures for gaining title from the government
Human Rights: Addresses a widespread concern with
gender justice, particularly the issues of transactional
sex and abuse in schools
Approach to Community Development
Strategy 3
Building capacity of community leaders and
partner organizations to foster the
transformation of their own communities
Approach to Community Development
Strategy 3 (continued)
Priority objectives related to community governance
1. Improve ability of community groups to use participatory
processes to assess local needs and priorities, to develop
their own plans, and to mobilize local resources
2. Enhance ability of local community groups to network
with and influence actors in government and civil society
3. Improve gender balance in community leadership and
ability of women and girls to participate in decisionmaking and priority setting
Approach to Community Development
Community Capacity Indicators
Community Transformation:
1. Shared Vision
2. Sense of Community
3. Ownership
4. Leadership
5. Resources, knowledge
and skills
6. Ongoing learning
7. Spiritual / Worldview
Approach to Community Development
Building Capacity of Partners
• Builds capacity of partners in both organizational
and technical program areas
• Strengthens, supports and equips partners in
their community facilitation role
• Partners build capacity of communities
• Communities engage in the decision-making and
action that leads to their own development
Capacity building of partner organizations is for
the purpose of community transformation
Approach to Community Development
Partner Organizations
• Partnerships are integral to World Renew’s
way of working
• Partners include national church development
organizations, local community development
organizations, and registered non-profits
• Partners commit to a shared set of principles
and values with World Renew
Approach to Community Development
Capacity Indicators of Partners
Community-Based Orgn
1. Results Monitoring
2. Community Ownership
3. Human Resource
4. Financial Stewardship
5. Board Development
6. Gender Equity and
Environmental Care
Approach to Community Development
Encouraging Partner and Community Connections
Connect them with Local Govt, Private Sector,, and
• Connect community groups with businesses
• Work closely with government offices,
including at local levels
• Encourage participation of partners and
community groups in ACT and Integral forums
and Micah networks
Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods
1. Food Security: Small-scale
farmers (men and women) are
trained and mentored in
improved agriculture methods
2. Sustainable Economic Growth:
Men and women are being
organized into village-based
saving and lending groups and
provided with training
3. Community Governance
Capacity: Community leaders
are trained in participatory
needs assessment and
Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods
Evarist Kasuguli
Story: "My family has
seen a light in
agriculture and our
lives will never be the
same again."
Mr. Evarist's land
Neighbour's land
Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods
Implementation Highlights
• Training participants on
sustainable agriculture
• Establishment of
demonstration sites for
testing crops and farming
• Formation of new saving
and lending groups
• Delivery of literacy
• Strengthening the capacity
of community groups to
manage their own planning
and networking
• Identifying women with
potential to serve in
leadership roles and
training them
• Forming linkages and
collaborative relationships
with local government
institutions and MFIs
World Renew in 2013
Strategic Planning for the Future
1. High capacity and performance that enhances
community transformation
2. Churches around the world promoting shalom in and
from their local context
3. Proactive justice
4. Disaster response and community development
work in synergy and interdependence
World Renew joins
communities around the
world to change their
story from
disaster/despair to hope,
from poverty to multiplied
resources, from injustice
to reconciled relationships
and restored environment
A short-hand description of World
Renew: The 5 “Cs””
Christian / Church
5) Questions & Answers