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By: Madison Halcovage Laicie Ray

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Mentuhotep – the ruler of the city of Tebes in the Upper Egypt Senwosnet – the greatest pharaoh of the 12 th Dynasty Crenellated – to furnish crenels or battlements Prosperity – a successful flourishing ,or thriving condition especially in financial respects, good fortune Calamities – a great misfortune or disaster Hyksos – what Egyptians had called the nomads from Palestine.

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Mentuhotep was the ruler of the city of Thebes in the Upper Egypt who had successfully leaded his army up and down the Nile against the nomarchs and won control of the entire nation.

Thebes replaced Memphis as the capital city.

The return of prosperity Egypt’s middle class of traders, scribes and craftsmen had rapidly expanded.

The middle class of this period developed a taste for luxury items that were formerly available to just the pharaohs and the nobility


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The pyramids of the Middle Kingdom were built of mud bricks. They are not made of stone. They were shoddy and vastly inferior to the majestic monuments of the Old Kingdom.

The greatest pharaoh of the 12 Senwosnet. th Dynasty was All the gold in the Nubian mines became a part of Egypt’s national wealth.

Pyramids of Giza


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Egypt Shorthand

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What are Hyksos?

What Egyptians called the nomads from Palestine.

What did the anarchy of the Dark Ages make clear to the rulers of the Middle Kingdom?

They made it clear that Egypt needed a very strong central government.

Why did Egypt conquer Nubia?

Egypt conquered Nubia because during Senwosnet’s reign he had ordered a channel that was 250 feet long and 34 feet wide cut through the granite rocks beside the rapids of the First Cataract. This bypass allowed his war galleys to sail directly in to Nubia which was conquered and was made part of Egypt’s territory.

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By: Madison Halcovage Laicie Ray