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IC Parent Portal
Logging In
 To
access the Parent Portal, go to the
OMS home page and click on
Student Grades
 On
the screen that appears, click on
Log In
Your Account
You must have an account to log in.
If you have never activated an account, you must
come in person with a photo ID to our front office.
There you will be given an activation code to
create your parent account.
If you had an active account last year, your
username and password will be the same.
If you are a teacher, you will use your same Infinite
Campus login and password for the parent portal
that you use at school.
If you have multiple children in Boone County
Schools, you can access them all through ONE
Do NOT share your login information with your
children! They will get their own login information at
school to check their grades.
If you have a
username and
password , start
If you have an
activation key,
start here
If you need
help with your
account, here
is an email
address you
can contact!
You should
see your
picture here
Be sure to read
Use the Switch
Student dropdown to
change from
one child to
another if you
have multiple
children in
Boone County
To find student grades, click
on Schedule and then click
on the name of any of your
child’s courses, and you will
see a list of assignments and
grades for each quarter of
that class
Clicking on the Calendar will
bring up a calendar where you
can view absences and other
important information.
Wherever you see
an A+ symbol, it
means there is an
assignment due.
Rest your mouse on
the icon to see
more details about
the assignment…
Clicking on Health will
show you all of the
immunizations that we
have on record and
whether your child is
compliant with our
district requirements.
Clicking on the
Assessment tab will
some day allow you to
view standardized test
results for your child.
This feature is currently
not being utilized.
Clicking on the Fees tab
will let you see what your
child’s school fees are,
and check to see if they
are marked as paid.
The “To Do List” is simply a list of all
assignments that are currently set
up in your child’s teachers’ grade
books. It allows you to plan for
upcoming deadlines. If you see an
assignment that is in red, it means
that the due date has passed, but
does NOT mean that the
assignment is missing. It simply
means that the teacher has not yet
recorded a grade.
Clicking on the Missing Assignments
tab will allow you to see which
assignments your child’s teachers
have actually flagged as “Missing” in
their grade books. Unlike the To Do
List, this means the assignment HAS
been graded, but that it was missing
for this student. Missing assignments
count as a ZERO in the grade book
until they are turned in.
Missing Assignments
These are the other
areas of IC that you
can explore!
Welcome to
IC Parent