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English 1013.SI

{ Supplemental Instruction with the Write Site

What is supplemental instruction with the Write Site?

In addition going to class, you will attend small-group workshops in the Write Site. The workshops happen once per major assignment, for a total of three hour-long appointments in a semester.

Attendance is mandatory.

Harry and Stephanie work exclusively with the students in the English 1013.SI classes.

They’re awesome!

Harry McMaster Stephanie Ball

Can I just wander into the Write Site for supplemental instruction?

Nope. You need an appointment.

Go to http://www.twu.edu/writesite and find the section labeled “Make an Appointment”.

If you have never been to the Write Site, you need to create an account with

WCOnline. Click the link that says “Register here”.

Fill out the registration form using your TWU email address and password.

Once you have an account, log in to WCOnline using your TWU email address and password.

After you log in, choose the English 1013 Supplemental Instruction schedule from the drop down menu at the top of the screen.

Use the “Previous Week” and “Next Week” buttons or the calendar to navigate to the day that works best for you.

Click on the white box that corresponds with the time of your Write Site visit.

If a box is blue, it means that time slot is already full.

Fill out the appointment form that pops up and click “Save Appointment” at the bottom. If you’ve fill out the form completely, you should get the “Success!” window.

When you look back at the schedule, your time slot should be lime green.

If you need to cancel your appointment, log in to WCOnline, click on your appointment, and click “Cancel This Appointment” in this appointment form. If you need to reschedule your appointment, cancel the original appointment and make a new one.

I’ve made an appointment.

Now what?

Show up prepared!

Bring your textbook, working drafts, and planning materials.


Supplemental instruction is mandatory. Each workshop you miss bumps you down a letter grade.

The Write Site is in CFO 129

Can I just wait and go to three workshops at the end of the semester?


Because each workshop is tailored to a specific assignment, you must visit once per assignment , for a total of three workshops a semester.

What happens if I need help?




Are you having trouble with the schedule?

Are you running late to your appointment?

Did you get lost on the way to CFO?


Call the Write Site!

940 – 898 – 2341

The Write Site is magical and amazing! Can I visit more often?


Every TWU student gets 2 hours of Write Site service per week. You can make an appointment to get writing help for any class at any stage of the writing process. We can even help with personal writing projects like short stories, application letters, and résumés.

*The Write Site can’t help with essays for tests /exams without instructor permission.