CTE Credential Program - San Diego County Office of Education

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Transcript CTE Credential Program - San Diego County Office of Education

CTE Credential Program
For IHE and District Representatives
Meetings held March & April 2010
Program Planning in Review
• Name change approved in October 2007
– Name change to Designated Subjects CTE
Credentialing Program
– New Industry sectors defined
• New standards approved in August 2008;
writing began
• CCTC revisions approved July 2009
Program Planning in Review
• Consortium idea began in September 2009
• Consortium Program writing started
in November 2009
• Writing Consortium met 5 times over a period
of 3 months (25 hours / 224 participant hours)
• Final documents completed in March 2010
New Program Overview
• Formalized structure
• SDCOE remains the LEA and the
recommending agency
• New components
– Early Orientation
– Mentoring
– New Course Structure
Flow Chart
Apply to Program and
for Credential
Advise &
Candidate Sent
Planned Course of Study
Early Orientation
Program Orientation
Foundations Course
Adult Emphasis Course
CTE Emphasis Course
Portfolio Course
Advanced Training
Health Education, CPR, &
US Constitution
Apply for Clear
San Diego County Designated
Subjects Credential Consortium
• Consortium Members
– Districts
• Writing Process (all the above plus:)
– Orange County
Department of Education
– National University
LEA Responsibilities
Oversee Program
Process applications
Recommend candidates
Meet CTC accreditation cycle requirements
Facilitate Curriculum Review meetings
Regularly update SDCOE Designated Subjects
Credential website
LEA Responsibilities
• Provide links to Professional Development
• Facilitate Credential Advisory Meetings
• Mentor Collaboration
• Advertise courses
IHE Responsibilities
• Employ and evaluate Program Faculty
- Collaborate with Program staff on hiring
• Provide facilities
• Send evaluation information to Program staff
for accreditation data & program improvement
• Financially contribute to LEA for program
• Attend Credential Advisory meetings
• District Supervision of Candidates and Mentors
• Hire and Select Mentors
– Minimum qualifications for mentors
• Support participation in professional
development opportunities
• Attend Credential Advisory meetings
• Early Orientation option – districts provide LEA
approved program and certificate of completion
Mentor Responsibilities
Become Program approved
Attend Orientation
Conduct classroom Observations
Provide ongoing feedback to candidates
Provide required documentation
to Program Staff
• Attend Advisory and Curriculum
Review meetings
Early Orientation Requirement
• Definition: mandated support and
guidance during the first 30 days of teaching
• Online and District options
– Online format allows candidates opportunities
to go back into any training module and review
specific information anytime
– District option must be Program approved as
meeting Program Standard 3 and provide
Certificate of completion to candidate and LEA
Early Orientation Requirement
• CRYROP CTE Teach Project
– CTE Teach
• 2 year program - similar to BTSA
• Early Orientation
– Comprehensive curriculum as prescribed in
Program Standard 3
– Online training and assessments
– Certificate of completion forwarded to employer
and LEA
– Approved program anticipated for July 1, 2010
CTC Reporting Cycle
2008-09 – Site Visit (Done)
2009-10 – Site Visit Follow-up (in process)
2010-11 – Biennial Report
2011-12 – Collect Data
2012-13 – Biennial Report
2013-14 – Program Assessment
2014-15 – Biennial Report
2015-16 – Site Visit
Adult Education
Program Update