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Adams County Education Consortium
Hillary Fulton, Colorado Health Foundation
January 19, 2011
Who are we?
• The Colorado Health Foundation is a nonprofit
organization with a vision that Colorado will be the
healthiest state in the nation.
• Committed to three Community Outcomes:
– All Coloradans have access to the key components
of Healthy Living – healthy food, physical activity
and chronic disease management tools
– All Coloradans have Health Coverage
– All Coloradans receive quality, coordinated Health
What are we doing?
Healthy Living Strategies
• Creating healthy schools
• Promoting healthy communities through
culture change
Reaching the Measurable Results
• Increase the number of children who:
– engage in moderate or vigorous physical activity
– eat adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables daily
– receive healthy meals at school and have access to
healthy food and drinks in vending machines
– have convenient access to recreational exercise
– have adequate health coverage
– regularly receive primary, mental and oral health
Building Leadership
• Colorado Legacy Foundation
• Colorado Association of School Executives
• Rocky Mountain Center for Health
Promotion and Education
• Colorado Department of Education
Healthy School Meals
• School meal assessments
• Cook for America Culinary Boot Camps
• Equipment grants
Physical Education and Physical Activity
• PE Quality Improvement funding
• Active Play Area funding opportunity
• CDE regional trainers
Health Education
• Colorado Legacy Foundation – Health
Education Standards
• Integrated Nutrition Education Program
• Denver Museum of Nature and Science,
Passport to Health
Health Care and Health Coverage
• School-Based Health Care funding
• Student Enrollment in Medicaid and CHP+
funding opportunity
Application Process
• Online application
• Quarterly deadlines (April 15, July 15,
October 15)
• Call before you apply!
Hillary Fulton, Program Officer
Healthy Living
[email protected]
(303) 953-3626