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IAD Mission
To provide University level support for teaching,
learning and researcher development;
through leadership, innovation, collaboration
and direct provision that benefits students, staff
and the University’s international reputation.
Our Remit
• Provide support for staff and students in
teaching, learning and researcher
• Support programme and curriculum
development and enhancement
Our approach
• Support College/University strategic priorities
• Work closely and collaboratively with Schools
& support services
• Provide clearer routes to support
(for students and staff)
• Consider full continuum of requirements
(UG, PGT, PGR, early career researchers,
academic & teaching staff)
Provide clearer routes to
support & information
IAD website www.ed.ac.uk/iad
Events, resources and support for:
Doctoral Researchers
Research Staff
Learning & Teaching
Focus on
Work closely and collaboratively….
Peer Support
Peer Proof
…. with EUSA
Learning Technology &
Online Distance Learning
• IS and IAD working together:
– Secondments
– Projects
– Collaboration
Supporting DEI course teams
Joint TEL & IAD Roadshows
Support for MOOC tutors
ODL community network and staff
• Support for [email protected] network
Networks for staff…..
IAD Study Development Network
• Monthly update on resources & events
• Informal forum for exchanging ideas and
• Focus on helping students to be effective &
independent learners
• self-enrol from
…IAD Masters
Network (staff)
…ODL Community (staff)
Making the Most of Master – Partners & Networks
Researcher Development:
Working with Schools…..
• Devolved funding and tailored training
• Supported preparation for PPR in
GeoSciences and Social & Political Science
• Supported Global Academies with tailored
training for interdisciplinary groups
• Links to research-staff societies
• Researcher-led fund
……links to Research
Council Priorities
• Contribution to NERC and EPSRC Doctoral Training
Centre applications
• Award of AHRC grants for innovative doctoral training
(part of a Scottish collaboration)
• AHRC scholarships for public engagement and bespoke
• BBSRC task force considering support and
development for early career researchers
• EPSRC funded Interdisciplinary Sandpit event and
Leadership Coaching for Chancellor’s Fellows.
Excellence in European
Doctoral Education (ExEDE)
Principal’s Teaching Award
Scheme (PTAS) 2013
• Funding for discipline-specific pedagogic research or
development projects
• 35 proposals across two most recent rounds, many
excellent quality (14 funded, from £900 to £15,000)
• Topics included: innovative personalised feedback;
comparing home and international students’
expectations & achievements; student perspectives on
research methods courses; Peer Assisted Learning; and
many more.
• PTAS learning & teaching showcase forum, June 2013
• www.ed.ac.uk/schools-departments/institute-academicdevelopment/learning-teaching/staff/news/funding
Online Pre-sessional Academic
Language course (OPAL)
an IAD secondment project
• DEI support services project bid from Sarah Henderson
(MVM) & Tony Lynch (ELTC), both IAD secondees
• Research, development & pilot (summer 2013)
• Introduction to online learning, online academic
communication, academic language, critical reading &
• For English as second language students about to start
an ODL Masters programme
• Will move into main ELTC provision from 2014
Other news
& highlights
Support for undergraduate
study development
• Web resources on academic good
practice - new
• LearnBetter - self enrol study skills
resource reorganised & expanded
• Twilight session workshops - new
• Quick Consultations – advertised
via Senior Tutors & Student
Support Teams
• Preparing for study web pages - new
PGT Provision (Students)
and Student
and Students
Process for WBPs
During the
Innovative Learning Week 2013
• ILW project officer appointed to IAD
– Alison Treacy, autumn 2012
200 events, 19 Schools
Focus on inter-disciplinarity
Increase in attendance
Student buy-in
– Bloggers & photographers at events
Innovative Learning Week 2014
• Increased budget for events
– Alison Treacy liaising with School ILW coordinators
New funding for student-led initiatives
Closer ties with EUSA for promotion
Events for ODL studnets
Focus on building communities of learning;
employability, & engagement with the public
50 competitors
9 Finalists
3 Minutes
1 slide
Streamed live across
the university
• Universitas 21 final
in November
• EU funded
course for PhD
students in the
final stages of
their PhD
• Creating the
next generation
of research
Public Engagement
Celebrating Public
• Supported student
led TEDx events
• At the Fringe:
– Bright Club @
Fringe &
– Cabaret of
Dangerous Ideas
Celebrating Public
CPD Framework for
Learning & Teaching
• Institution-wide framework developed during AY 2012/13;
seeking Higher Education Academy (HEA) accreditation.
• includes flexible points based system – the Edinburgh
Teaching Award – pilots during AY 2013/14
• designed to give staff rich opportunities to reflect on
teaching and assessment practices
• meaningful & relevant for their particular role and career
• linked to different levels of Fellowship of the Higher
Education Academy (HEA)
Introduction to Academic
• New course for experienced tutors &
• Part of IAD Learning & Teaching CPD
• Linked to HEA Associate Fellowship
• Pilot in January (sign up from late October)
PgCert Academic Practice
• The Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PgCAP) and its
predecessor (PgCert University Teaching) have been running since
2007. The programmes are built around a part-time 3 year structure,
although participants may complete within 14 months if they wish.
The programmes provide staff development and an academic route
leading to Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. The
programme is jointly run between IAD and the Moray House School
of Education.
• To date 77 individuals have graduated from our Programmes
and over 400 staff members have attended our 2-day
• The next opportunity to join this programme is in early December.
See the website www.ed.ac.uk/iad for more details.
Get Connected: Welcome &
Networking Day for New Academic Staff
• Piloted for Chancellor's Fellows in
• Now open to all new academic &
research staff
• All dimensions of academic careers
• Teaching & learning, research,
doctoral supervision,
knowledge exchange etc.
• Interactive, tailored to individuals,
focus on networking
• Leading to new collaborations &
funding applications across Schools
IAD Case Study Repository
New for 2013/14
Learning for Sustainability
• New IAD web page with case studies to follow
• Workshop in Practical Strategies series
planned for Spring 2014
• Web based resources for researchers on
sustainable research practice
IAD led initiatives shortlisted in
2013 Times Higher Awards
• Outstanding Employer Engagement Initiative Making the Most of Masters
• Outstanding Support for Early Career Researchers Ingenious Women
6 Universities have been shortlisted in each category and the
winners will be announced on 28th November 2013
The Institute for Academic