Formal Observation

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Formal Observation
• 2 per year (due by February 7th & May 6th)
• Email all teacher formals (write up only) in a zip
file to Melissa Kaplan, Ron Bauer, and Nicole
Scott by due date
• Completed by Assistant Director or Director
– Director must be the final sign off
• Use Teacher Formal Observation Evidence Tool
form to collect evidence from classroom visit,
and the Teacher Feedback Form to provide
teachers with written feedback.
Formal Observation Process
• Prior to Pre-Conference: Collect teacher lesson plan
and record evidence for Domain 1 on Teacher Formal
Observation Evidence Tool.
• Pre-Conference (30 minutes): Discuss lesson plan, and
gather and record evidence from Domain 1.
• Observation (at least 45 minutes): Uses Teacher
Formal Observation Evidence Tool to observe for
Domains 2, 3, and 4.
• Post Conference (45 minutes): Completed within three
school days of classroom observation, discuss findings
from evidence gathering, present and sign Formal
Observation Feedback form.
Informal Observations
• Complete 6 additional informal evaluations
for each teacher by May 4.
• Use the Classroom Check-In Sheet to
observe for any single domain at a time
• Informal observations last 15-20 minutes
• Keep one copy of Classroom Check-In
and make a copy for teacher
Additional Notes
• Total yearly time commitment = 8 hours/teacher
• Keep all copies in a teacher file
• You may add additional steps to the process
– e.g. self-evaluation, written reflection on feedback,
peer observations
• Complete first set of informal observations on
Domain 2 by first Directors’ Breakfast