The Pastor as Partner in Therapy

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Transcript The Pastor as Partner in Therapy

The Pastor as Partner in Therapy

Miriam D. Ukeritis, CSJ, PhD July 7, 2007

Overview  Value of exploring spirituality (religion, God relationship)  Relevant factors in considering a patient’s relationship with religion  Role of “pastor/spiritual guide” in treatment  Closing thoughts

Religion/Spirituality & Therapy  Patient History  Reluctance to explore religion, spirituality, relationship with God  Role of religion in childhood, currently  Relationship with God  Therapist Attitude: Non-judgmental

Role of Religion in Life  Positive coping factor  Potential for additional support  Roots of guilt  Roots of depression  Faith tradition provides larger context

Life Influences on Spirituality  Developmental stages of patient  Chronologically  Psychologically  Faith-wise  Authenticity  Memory or attribution/experience-based

Considering Presenting Issue    Direct connection with religious schema  E.g., grief, loss, relationships Tangential  E.g., means of acting-out authority issues Clear or unclear?

 E.g., “recovering Catholic”

The Pastor/Spiritual Guide  Is s/he presently in patient’s life?

 If yes,  Quality of relationship?

 Supportive of growth?

 Supportive of therapy process?

Contact May Be Useful If:     Apparent conflict between treatment and religion exists Person could be ally in treatment Spiritual guidance could shed light on treatment process Patient is engaging in splitting behavior

Closing Thoughts    What is your level of comfort in addressing issues of religion/ spirituality?

What are your assumptions re: role of spirituality/religion in one’s life?

What opportunities can you make to meet other “clergy”?