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Ch. 17: Rococo and Neoclassical Styles in 18 th Century Art and Enlightened Absolutism

Birth of Rococo Style – Hotels of Paris

As lavish interior decoration in early 18 th century

Built by French aristocracy as Parisian houses

Small, ornate interiors painted in pastels

Held salons of the philosophes

Embarkation for Cythera

Jean-Antoine Watteau, 1717

“fete galante” – elegant scene in idyllic country

Aristocracy at play, in stages of courtship

Rococo in lavish dress, pastel color, soft light

Madame de Pompadour

c. 1758

Francois Boucher

Louis XV’s mistress

Rococo called “style of Louis XV”

Elegant dress with flowers, ribbons, lace and jewels

Book and pen hint at her intelligence

Portrait of Marie-Louise O’Murphy


Francois Boucher

Louis XV’s mistress

Rococo in use of elegant fabrics, pastel colors, soft light

Carefree, seductive

Overly ambitious in attempt to oust Pompadour

La Gimblette

• •

c. 1770 Jean-Honore Fragonard

Continues portrayal of rich at play

Extreme frivolity of nude teasing pet

Contrasts with reality

Blindman’s Buff

• • • • •

c. 1776 Jean-Honore Fragonard Charming, blindfolded woman in idyllic setting Blindfold as symbol for blindness of monarchy Game over soon

Imperial Hall (Kaisarsaal)

• • • •

Wurzburg, Bavaria Balthasar Neumann Rococo style moves across Europe Pastels, light, detailed ornamentation

Mary Wollstonecraft

• • •

1759-1797 First English feminist

Analyzed condition of 18 th cent. women

Wrote A Vindication of

the Rights of Woman

Declares right to rational education to support independence


Promoted by J. J.

Winckelmann, right

Return to antiquity, as seen in ancient images at right

Morally and politically serious Images of freedom and democracy

The Grand Tour

• • •

Traditional trip of European aristocrats Stops at ancient art and architecture fosters Neoclassicism Common British route began at Dover to Turin, Florence, Venice, Rome, Naples

The Oath of the Horatii

• • • •

1784, Neoclassical Jacques-Louis David Ancient themes of self-sacrifice and heroism Patriotism over relationships Separation of brave men, emotional women

The Death of Socrates

• • • •

1787, Neoclassical Jacques-Louis David Socrates speaks while reaching for hemlock Heroism in choosing death over exile Classic setting with chiaroscuro

Pantheon (Paris)

• • • •

Begun 1758 as Jesuit church J. G. Soufflot Neoclassical in columns, dome, relief sculpture Burial place for heroes of French Revolution

Bust of Voltaire

• •


French Neoclassical sculptor Houdon

Form, style from ancient Rome Facial expression of enlightened thinker who stood for social and personal freedom

Benjamin Franklin

• • •

1778 Jean-Antoine Houdon His first depiction of American thinker

Shows French fascination with Franklin

Pensive expression