Agents Forum - 13th December 2013

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Agents and
Developers Forum
21st May 2014
Welcome and Introductions
Proposed changes to S106
CIL update
Site Allocations DPD and Neighbourhood Plans update
Staff changes
Planning Practice Guidance March 2014
GPDO/Changes of use April 2014
Planned GPDO review
Proposed national space standard for new homes
Listed buildings and lawful use
SuDS update
Housing Infrastructure Funding
Proposed Changes to Section 106
• On 6th May, the Council brought S106 policy into line with
proposed government changes to S106 and recent reforms to CIL
• no S106 to be applied to residential extensions, annexes
and self build housing in line with CIL
• Exemptions apply where the proposal is to be built and
occupied by the applicant as their sole or main residence
• Exemptions apply to new and current applications under
negotiations for which the decision notice not yet issued
Proposed Changes to Section 106
• Applicants now requested to make clear in planning
application that it forms an exempt form of development
• Where applicable, contributions still required towards affordable
housing, although this is to be reviewed following conclusion of
proposed government changes looking at no S106 affordable
housing contribution for developments under 10 dwellings
• Applicants for self build housing exemption must own and occupy
dwelling for three years after completed
• Applicants will be required to complete a legal agreement with
the Council – to be available on website shortly
Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)
• Preliminary CIL charging schedule and Infrastructure list to
be published May/June 2013
• Council will be required to prepare and adopt a charging
schedule by 2015 setting out the infrastructure that will need to
be funded and the charges that will apply
• Future stages of proposed consultation:
Draft CIL charging schedule consultation in Sept/Nov
2014 and public examination May 2015
CIL adoption – July/August 2015
• To review and replace SPD on Planning Obligations and
Developer Contributions approved by the Council in 2010.
Site Allocations & Policies DPD
• identifying and allocating
specific sites for development
• providing more detailed
planning policies to be used in
decisions on planning applications
• Awaiting Inspectors report –
anticipated May/June
• Adoption in July/August 2014
• Replace remaining policies of
the Rutland Local Plan (2001)
(e.g. EN26 Development in the
Neighbourhood Plans
• allow local communities (e.g. parish councils) to prepare their own
“Neighbourhood Plans” (NPs)
• plans will need to conform with the statutory development plan
• subject to approval through local referendums
• Council have duty to assist with their preparation and adopt
• Same weight as Local Plan documents once adopted and take
precedent over the Council’s Local Plan if any conflict between
Neighbourhood Plans (contd..)
• Uppingham NP - allocation of
170 houses and 3ha employment
• Inspector’s report due May 2014
• Edith Weston NP - Referendum
3rd April – 92% in favour of
adopting NP. Going to Full Council
for adoption in June 2014
• Langham, Cottesmore and
Greetham NP area designations
Staff changes
Eze Ekeledo
Sue Hall
Helen Wilson moved from Policy to replace Eze in DC
Mark Longhurst is now the Enforcement Officer to replace Sue
Brett Culpin now deals with S106 matters
Shaza Mark has replaced Helen in the Policy team
Planning Practice Guidance March 2014
 Taylor Review 2012
 Published in March
 Web based only – no paper version
 Replaces Circulars, Good Practice Guides, Minerals Guidance and
Letters to Chief Planning Officers
 Work in progress
 Can sign up for updates
 700 pages and will grow
GPDO/Changes of use April 2014
A lot of changes. The more significant are:
o Class CA allows shop to change to a deposit taker
o Class IA allows shops (A1) and Offices (A2) to change to
o Class K allows buildings from a range of uses to be nurseries
o Class MA allows agricultural buildings to be schools or nurseries
o Class MB allows agricultural buildings to change to residential.
But look out for conditions in the Order and in many cases the need
for prior notification applications.
Planned GPDO review
Review promised in Budget Statement.
Potential changes mentioned are:
 Changes of use of warehouses and some
other uses to dwellings
 More flexibility on businesses to expand
car parks and loading bays
 Expanding Class A1 to include all uses in
A2 except pay day lenders and betting
Proposed national space standard for new
 Government announcement in March following
 Intention to scrap Lifetime Homes, Secure by
Design, HCA standards, Code for Sustainable
Homes etc.
 Will be mandatory standards through Building
 Councils will have options to apply higher
standards through the Building Regulations.
 There will also be a new national space standard
in planning if the Council satisfies certain criteria.
 Introduction proposed early in 2015.
Listed buildings and lawful use
New LB regulations came into effect on 6.4.14.
They introduce a new application type for certificates of lawfulness
for proposed works to listed buildings
SuDS update
Was to be introduced last month.
It wasn’t.
May now be introduced this October?
Await Government decision.
Housing Infrastructure Fund
• £525 million Government Funds for small schemes of 15 – 250
homes to bring forward development on stalled sites
• Funding in the form of a recoverable loan plus interest
• Bids from private sector to HCA for schemes with outline planning
permission to be submitted by 25 June 2014
• Further information on eligibility criteria on DCLG website