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2014 HIMSS Interoperability Showcase Volunteer Webinar

Elizabeth Peters, Associate Manager Interoperability Initiatives Cheryl Allen , RN Ricardo Crosby Alvin Medina, BSN, RN Senior Applications Analyst Jacob Oroks, BSTM, HIM, Health Information Associate, Department of Health Services – County of Los Angeles


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– Alvin Medina

Interoperability Showcase

– Elizabeth Peters

Use Cases

– Elizabeth Peters

Floor Plan

– Elizabeth Peters

Overview of the Docents

–Cheryl Allen

Detailed Logistics

– Elizabeth Peters


– Jacob Oroks

Floor Plan

– Ricardo Crosby

Use Cases

– Elizabeth Peters

Medical Banking Community

– Elizabeth Peters


– Ricardo Crosby and Jacob Oroks

Volunteer Committee

Ricardo Crosby Cheryl Allen Alvin Medina Jacob Oroks Elizabeth Peters

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise USA (IHE USA)

• IHE USA ( www.iheusa.org

) is a not for profit organization founded in 2010 that operates as a national deployment committee of IHE International™ • IHE USA is the sponsor of the IHE North American Connectathon – Cross-Vendor, live, supervised, structured testing of real-world clinical scenarios using IHE Integration Profiles • IHE USA conducts activities in three main areas: – Testing and Test Tool Development – Education, Training, and Outreach Opportunities – Deployment of IHE Profiles in the US – Supporting the development, adoption and use of standards based interoperable health IT solutions


Typical Showcase visitors include…

• Authorities & policy makers from local, regional, national & • international markets • Clinicians • Health IT users and buyers • Hospital & ambulatory clinic leadership • Informatics professionals • Academics –clinical education • Health IT & medical media

ONC Area

• • •

VA, SSA, DoD, FHA, and many federal partners CONNECT, Direct Project, VLER 32 stations, 8 use cases


• Physical Set • Use Case Format • New Initiatives

Our NEW set in HALL F!

Use Case Vignettes

• Clinical settings • Props and medical furniture

Use Case Format

Old Way

New Patient with every tour 8-12 vendors per use case One patient per use case Use cases scattered throughout the floor Static kiosks

New Way

Static patient 3-5 vendors per vignette One patient story spanning three clinical use cases / vignettes Health journeys organized in vignettes Vignettes that represent clinical settings Use Cases Health Journeys

Patient #1 Patient #2

Health Journeys vs Use Cases

Information Desk IHE Learning Center

Health Journeys

• Patient 1 – 32 YO Pregnant Female – Vignette #1 – Establishing Patient Preferences – Vignette #2 – Baby Delivery – Vignette #3 – Managing Patients Prior Obesity Condition • Patient 2 – 35 week neonate – Vignette #1 - Birth with vital records update – Vignette #2 – Newborn care in hospital and discharge to pediatric unit – Vignette #3 – Hearing Screening and PH Supported Peds Care • Patient 3 – 6 Year Old – Vignette #1 - ED Event Communicated to Payer – Vignette #2 – Acute to Ambulatory Transitions of Care – Vignette #3 – Post Accident Follow-up Care by Peds

Health Journeys Cont.

• Patient 4 – 62 YO Male – Vignette #1 – Initial Trauma Care to ICU – Vignette #2 – Hospital Discharge and Ambulatory Referral to Cardiologist – Vignette #3 – Cancer Registry Update – Vignette #4 – Patient Transferred to Hospital / Long Term Care • IHE Infrastructure Vignette – Learn How Health Information Exchanges are set up using IHE profiles • Health Story Project • UNVEILING of a NEW INTEROPERABILITY CONSORTIUM • ONC Use Cases – To be defined

Initiatives Demonstrated

• IHE Profiles from 13 domains • Health Story Project • eHealth exchange Program • Interoperability Work Group (IWG) DIRECT project • ONC S&I Framework Structured Data Capture • Center for Disease Control • FDA device communication • Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD) • RFID and RTLS communicating to EMR systems • HIMSS Innovation Center Simulation Area

Overview of Docents

• Thank You for your Time • Integral part of the Interoperability Showcase • Facilitate groups through Use Cases • General knowledge of the IHE and Use Cases • Professional Appearance


• Arrive. Arrive Early.

• Plan to commit 100% to the shift.

– Arrange phone meetings and business meetings for time outside your shift – Silence phones – Stay engaged with your group • We all know emergencies occur, please communicate those to us as EARLY as possible

Specific Roles

• Docents • Back-up Docents • VIP Tour Docents • Help Desk Staff • Welcome Desk Staff

Detailed Logistics

• Tours start at the Welcome Theatre – Guests receive about a 10 minute presentation – Docents will line up to form groups – Guests will be divided among the groups • Docents will lead tour to first stop on Use Case/Vignette • Docents will remain with group until tour officially ends • Docents do not need to remain with group after the last stop • Docents will return to Welcome Theatre for next group

Detailed Logistics

• Tours run every 15-30 minutes and will last approximately 30 minutes • Tour Time Frame • Two docents are scheduled at each vignette during each shift • One docent will retrieve attendees, the second docent will begin the tour • This builds in some break time between tours


• www.interoperabilityshowcase.org/himss14 under sponsor • Requested changes should be submitted to Elizabeth Peters at [email protected]

• Jacob Oroks and Ricardo Crosby will check in docents on site • Review of Schedule

Volunteer Committee Contact Information

• Elizabeth Peters – Phone: 312-415-3826 or 312-915-9527 – E-Mail: [email protected]

• Cheryl Allen – Phone: 352-478-1476 • Ricardo Crosby • Alvin Medina – Phone: 309-531-7760 – E-Mail: [email protected]

• Jacob Oroks – Phone: 213-240-8209 – E-Mail: [email protected]