Word Processing

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word processor is a computer that can be
used for writing, editing and printing text.
 We
are going to use a word processing
package called Microsoft word. This is an
example of a general purpose package.
 The
word processing program allows us to
enter and edit text. This can be saved to
your computer and sent to a printer to
obtain a hard copy.
 Enter
 Edit text
 formatting
 Spell check
 Grammar check
 Standard paragraphs
 Standard letter
 Mail merge
 Create template
 We
use a keyboard to enter text into our
word processing document.
 There
are also other ways that we can enter
text.....can you think of any?
Microphone(voice recognition) – mobile phone
Touch sensitive screen – tesco self service
 Once
the text is entered we can edit
it.....this involves:
AMENDING - change
 When
we type in text and reach the end of a
line we do not need to press the return key.
If a word is incomplete the word processor
automatically moves the word to the next
 Alignment
 Line
 Text size
 Page size and layout
 Set margins
 Page breaks
 Tabs
 tables
Line spacing is the amount of space between each line of text.
Single line spacing
Computing is fun,fun,fun
We like to run,run,run
All the programs
Double line spacing
Computing is fun,fun,fun
We like to run,run,run
All the programs
 The
size of a page and page layout
(orientation) can be altered.
 The page can be changed from a standard A4
size to A4 small, A3, A5,letter and envelope.
 The orientation can be changed from
to landscape
 You
can change the length of the text by
changing the page margins.
 You will be able to see your margins in your
wp file as it will appear as a blue area on
your ruler.
 This
is simply where a page becomes full a
new one is automatically made.
 We can also insert a page break to make a
new page before it is full.
 By
placing tab stops along the ruler you can
produce tables.
 The
tab key
allows you to move
between the tab stops.
 There
are different types of tabs left, right,
centre and decimal. This allows you to
layout the text accordingly.
 Tables
allow us to display information neatly
allowing it to be easily read.
Class Marks
WP Marks
DB Marks
 There
are four ways to position your text in a
 Align left
This is an example of left alignment. I hope
you are enjoying this!
 Align
 Align
 Justify
 Justifying
text means that the word
processor adjusts the spaces between the
words in each line to make the ends even.
Here is an example of justification of text. I
hope that you are enjoying this powerpoint
presentation third year!!....As it took me
ages to prepare.
 This
allows us to find a word in a document
and replace it with another.
This is useful as it saves us having to read the
whole document and look for the every
occurrence of the word, therefore saving
time and eliminating human error.
 The
computer compares the spelling of all
the words you have typed in with all the
words in the computers dictionary.
 The computer highlights all the discrepancies
in the comparison and offers alternative
spelling.....there may be a problem with
this, can you think what it is?????
things like names and addresses cannot be spellchecked although
can be added to your computer dictionary.
the dictionary may pick up American spellings.
mistakes like using there instead of their will not be highlighted.
 The
computer highlights any sentences that
it thinks may be grammatical errors and
offers an alternative.
 Useful
as you may have to produce an essay
under a specified word limit.
 Thesaurus
produces a list of words with the
same meaning that you can choose. This is
useful as you won’t have to use the same
word over and over again.
 If
we are sending letters to lots of people we
may often find ourselves writing the same
things over and over again.
A standard paragraph is a piece of text that
can be saved and used over and over again.
We use the copy and paste functions to do
this or we can Insert text from a file as we
did in the fiddle club task.
standard letter is similar to a standard
paragraph as it is used to save time as we
don’t have to type the same thing over and
over again.
Examples of standard letters being used in
business are: schools sending letters home to
parents, junk mail, legal documents.
Standard letters are personalised with names
and addresses.........this is where we mail
 Blanks
are left in the standard letter for
information such as the customer name,
address or order number.
The required information is then loaded from
a database using a feature called a mail
The standard letters are then printed out.
 You
template is a readymade blank document
with spaces for graphics and text.
 Templates speed up the creation of a file.
Examples of packages with templates are;
 MS PowerPoint
 MS Word
scanner is a piece of hardware that we can
use to copy a hard copy of a document
without having to type it all up.
 This
is done using Optical Character
Recognition(OCR) Software. The document
will usually require some editing after it has
been scanned in.
Wizards are a help
feature built into
packages like Word
Processors which
give the user step by
step instructions on
how to complete a
given task.
For example, there
is a Wizard within
Microsoft Word
which leads us step
by step through a
Mail Merge.