Transcript Disney

Disney Movies
By Anay Mendoza
Fun Facts About Disney
• Walt Disney produced
over 653 movies
• Walt Disney alone
made up over 100
• His first major cartoon
character was none
other than… Yup you
guessed it
• Oswald the Lucky
My Top 25 Favorite Disney Movies
• Disney Studios has
made over 3000
movies/ short films
• With that in mind its
going to be hard to
chose just 25
• Warning most of
them will be Disney
25 Ponyo
• This movie was
made in 2011
• It was made along
side with Studio
• I loved the main
character, and the
story was great.
• WALL-E was an
animated film about
a little robot who
would soon save
his planet.
• It was created in
2008 alongside
23 101 Dalmations
22 A Christmas Carol
• When I saw that
Disney was coming
out with a Christmas
movie I couldn’t
have been happier
• This is especially
one of my favorite
Christmas story’s
and came out in
21 The Secret World of Arrietty
• In a world so small
Arrietty the
borrower has to find
a way to survive.
• I thought this movie
was adorable, it
was made
alongside studio
Ghibli in 2012.
20 Fantasia
• I never really
understood this
movie I mainly like it
for the music.
• This was realeased
in 1940 that was 74
years ago.
19 Meet the Robisons
• There are many
characters in this
• This movie came
out in 2007
18 The Nightmare Before
• The story of Jack
the Pumpkin King is
on that has never
been told before.
• Timburton has done
a great job with this
movie in 1993
17 Dumbo
• Who doesn’t love
this movie it is such
a classic.
• It was made in 1941
but can I just say
isn't Dumbo so
16 Bambi
• Bambi is an old time
classic that any
family can enjoy
• It was made a year
after Dumbo in
15 Lady and the Tramp
• I have not seen this
movie in many
• I have always want
to try the spaghetti
• It was made in 1955
14 Pinocchio
• Imagine how funny
it would be if people
noses actually grew
when they lied.
• Some people would
have big noses.
13 Alice in Wonderland
• Both the new and
old version of this
movie I love
• It was originally
made in 1951
12 Peter Pan
11 Wreck-It Ralph
• This movie is the
story of a bad guy
who just might not
be a bad guy
• It is one of the more
recent Disney
animation and was
air in 2012
10 Brave
9 Sleeping Beauty
8 Cinderella
7 Aladdin
6 Snow White and the Seven
5 Beauty and the Beast
4 Mulan
3 Pocahontas
2 The Little Mermaid
1 Frozen