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From Baan and ERP Ln to Excel, Word, PDF, HTML,
XML & Notepad in one click!
B2Win 7
B2Win (Baan to Windows)
B2Win is the ultimate utility to get your Baan output directly into Excel, Word, PDF, HTML,
XML or Notepad.
B2Win - Customers
Since June, 2000, B2Win has been installed at hundreds of servers in more than 60 countries. It
is used daily by users to automate transfer of Baan and Infor ERP Ln reports into front-office
Using B2Win
Print a report from Baan or ERP Ln and Choose device B2Win
In few moments, the following screen appears:
Upon pressing on one
of the B2XX icons, the
following actions can
be performed:
 Launch: Opens the
report in the format
you have chosen
 Archive: Creates a
file in the chosen
format in a pre-defined
 Send: Creates a file
in the chosen format
and sends it to the
B2Email Plus
application ready to be
sent by E-mail
Six File Formats, four Conversion Modes, Font size, Logo and three actions
For every output format you choose, (Excel, Word, Notepad, PDF, HTML and XML) you have the
possibility to receive the result in one of four modes:
1 - Table – B2Win will remove all
duplicate headers and titles and
arrange columns, automatically or
based on the B2Win Customization
designed earlier for this report,
and the result will be in a table
2 - As-Is – The report will be taken
with no changes into the chosen
format. No fonts or customization
will be taken into account.
Six File Formats, four Conversion Modes, Font size, Logo and three actions
3 - Graphics – The report will be
converted to the chosen format
including fonts defined in Baan.
4 - User-Defined – The report will
be converted to the chosen format
while a pre-defined macro will run
directly after it (Excel, Word)
In addition to these four modes, the company logo and the report background can be added to the
generated document, the report orientation and fonts can be changed. If you wish to use a logo that
belongs to a different company , you can select a different logo from main screen
Using “Save Defaults”, all your options will be saved for future use with this specific report
Automatic Conversion into Table Mode
B2Win can automatically convert most reports into Excel and other tabular modes without any
human intervention. B2Win uses a smart conversion engine that performs the following:
-Delete Titles that appear in every page
-Delete headers that appear in every page and use them only once
-Recognize leading zeros
-Recognize the minus sign on the right side in Finance Reports
-Convert to the client’s date format, decimal symbol and thousand separator
Non-standard Reports
If your report is not the standard looking Baan/ERP Ln report with a header, a delimiter and detail
lines, you can use the user friendly B2Win Report Customizer for better report conversion into Excel.
The following are examples for non-standard reports that can be taken to Excel:
Convert to Excel
Sub totals
can be done
by Excel
Report needs to be customized only once
by the B2Win Report Customizer. Next
time this report is run, same settings will
be used for optimal conversion of report
to tabular format.
missing delimiter
B2Win can be enabled to send e-mails and faxes – using B2Email Plus.
With one click, you can have the nice XLS report in your inbox. Same way, you can
automate faxing and printing.
Auto-Mode is a way to convert reports directly into your favorite
application/format, without going through the intermediate B2Win or
B2Email Plus interface.
The following example will send the Excel file directly to the user
Contact Information
Get a fully operational demo version now from www.nazdaq-it.com
[email protected]
NAZDAQ is a provider of add-ons for Baan and Infor ERP Ln Customers. Other products from NAZDAQ
are B2Email, Baan Mail-Merge, Baan Hot Link, B-Notified, Baan Color Changer and Baan Query Tool