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Welcome To Orlando Tech Early Childhood Education


To lead Early Childhood Education students to success in the field of early childhood education through relevant technical and academic training.

Early Childhood Education

Every child within a child care setting deserves the best trained teacher possible. Through your commitment to complete the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program and earn the Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC), you will have the opportunity to touch the lives of young children and begin the journey to becoming the best teacher possible.

ECPC Steps to Admission

   Document age: 18 years or older Document High School Diploma, GED or higher Document completion of ECE Program Orientation

ECPC Steps to Admission

 

Attend Orlando Tech Schoolwide Orientation 8:00 a.m. or 5:00 p.m. Wednesdays Room 282 TABE scores Gr. 6.0 or higher in reading, math, and language or document exemption by degree

ECPC Steps to Admission

   Document background screening clearance to enable direct experience hours Submit completed Site Training Agreement Submit current DCF Training Transcript

ECPC Steps to Admission

   Obtain instructor approval for admission Complete registration and financial arrangements Obtain appropriate books, parking decal, and photo ID

Course Structure

 The Early Childhood Education program consists of four courses leading to progressively more responsible and skilled positions in a child care center or other early childhood organization.

Course Titles

    Child Care Worker - Preschool Child Care Teacher Aid Preschool Teacher Child Care Development Specialist

ECPC Completion Requirements

 Successful completion of:       

Rules and Regulations Health, Safety and Nutrition Child Abuse and Neglect Child Growth and Development Behavioral Observation and Screening Preschool Appropriate Practices A DCF approved five hour literacy training – Recommended: Emergent Literacy for VPK Instructors

ECPC Completion Requirements

     Notarized documentation of 480 hours of direct work with children five years or younger Observation by a qualified observer Completion of a Professional Resource File Demonstration of your competency in eight child care content areas Submit completed ECPC application form to instructor and complete exit procedures

What Is An ECPC?

    The ECPC is the Early Childhood

Professional Certificate.

To earn it students complete 600 hours of training.

The training consists of 120 hours of related classroom instruction and 480 hours of training site experience .

The ECPC is recognized for a Florida Staff Credential.

Is This A National CDA Program?

   No.

When you have completed your ECPC you can:    Continue to apply for your National CDA Continue to study for a degree Simply use your Florida Staff Credential The Orlando Tech ECPC articulates for nine college credits toward an early childhood education degree program in Florida

What Is The ECPC Schedule?

  

Related Classroom Instruction:

Six hours in class per week Training Site Experience:

Minimum twenty-four hours per week Your instructor will review the specific schedule for your class

Does Class Attendance Matter?

   Yes Dependability is part of your grade Students will be withdrawn for attendance and punctuality that falls below school requirements

What Is Training Site Experience?

   Training site experience must be direct experience working with children in a licensed child care center facility.

Your supervisor must have a minimum of a Florida Staff Credential.

This must be a center operating in substantial compliance with licensing standards.

How Do I Find A Training Site?

 Your instructor will be glad to assist you with confirming your training site.

What Documents My Training?

    Site Training Agreement Time Records and Supervisory Evaluations Notarized Practical Experience Documentation Form Observations by a qualified observer

What Books Do I Need?

   CDA Essentials Special Needs Appropriate Practices Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid Workbook

How Can I Complete My DCF Coursework?

    Take the training at Orlando Tech as an evening or summer class Take the training online Use a combination of online and class based training Document that you have already met this requirement

How Do I Check My DCF Transcript?

    Go to the DCF website: http://www.dcf.state.fl.us/childcare/ Click on “Training Requirements” Click on “View My Transcript” Follow the on-screen directions

What Is A Professional Resource File?

  Your Professional Resource File is a collection of information for you and about you. It includes:    your autobiography and resume, six statements that show your competence as a professional teacher of young children, and seventeen resources to support your work.

How Will I Be Graded?

  You will be graded on:     Your class attendance and punctuality Your professional skills based on your site evaluations and observations Progress with your Professional Resource File Progress with your exams, First Aid/CPR training, and class quizzes Orlando Tech follows the OCPS ten point grading scale

What Are The “Dos and Don’ts?

   

Follow Orlando Tech Codes of Conduct

ID badges & appropriate attire at all times

 

No food and drink in classroom areas No interruptions due to cell phones

Be 100% a model early childhood teacher Follow the Confidentiality Policy Follow the Internet Policy Decide about your Consent for Photos

What Do I Bring To The First Class?

      Book: CDA Essentials Large binder for your Professional Resource File Completed Site Training Agreement Student ID Appropriate professional clothing and grooming Enthusiasm and a desire to learn!

How Will I Know What’s Next?

 You will receive a Syllabus, an Instructional Sequence, and a “Week by Week” training site guide in your first class.

Other Questions?

We Wish You Well!