Models of Health Education

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Transcript Models of Health Education

Approaches to Health Education
Social Marketing
Role of Mass Media
Community Development
Two-Way Communication
Social Marketing
Which fizzy drink
can has a red
background and
white curly writing
on the front?
Which chocolate
bar wrapper has
a blue
white writing
and pictures of
palm trees and
coconuts on it?
Social Marketing
• How did you
know the names
of the
• Marketing sinks
into our brains!
• Kotler and Zaltman (1971) used the term ‘social
marketing’ to refer to the use of marketing
techniques to solve health and social problems.
Which campaign does this logo represent?
Social Marketing
• Marketing (and social marketing) involves
considerations of product planning,
pricing, communication, distribution and
marketing research.
• These considerations are used to design
campaigns that appeal to specific sectors
of the population, just like advertisers do
when trying to sell a product.
• Social marketing is trying to ‘sell’ an idea.
Social Marketing
Click on both these
buttons to watch
different road
safety campaigns.
• Which specific sectors of
the population are these
campaigns aimed at?
• Analyse the different
marketing of the THINK!
campaigns for both
• Market Segmentation:
different groups have
different needs
Social Marketing
What is ‘Market Research?’
• Finding out your ‘best’ audience.
• In terms of health education, this means finding out
epidemiological data and statistics of accidents.
• From this information you can create a needs-led,
targeted approach health education campaign.
• If you know your audience, you can market the
campaign in a way that they will pay attention to it, eg
the Think! campaign filmed on a mobile phone for
Social Marketing
The Limitations
It takes TIME and
MONEY to do the
market research, find out
which methods will be
most effective and which
education programmes
are likely to have the
most impact.
Role of Mass Media
Different forms of mass media include:
• Television – specific adverts, but also TV
• Newspapers
• Magazines
• Posters
• Billboard displays
• Leaflets
Role of Mass Media
Role of Mass Media
• The department of
health used a mix of
media including TV,
newspaper adverts,
billboard adverts and
posters with this ‘Get
• Why do you think
they did this?
The ASA (Advertising
Standards Agency)
discontinued the
campaign after
complaints that it was
scary for children.
Role of Mass Media
• Identify fictional programmes
you have watched which have
raised awareness about health
• Analyse how affective they
were to changing behaviours in
you and the people you know.
• Does ‘awareness raising’
actually change behaviour?
• What are the benefits of having
health education on fictional
Role of Mass Media
Click on the
button to enter
a government
website for
road safety.
Analyse this website
in terms of health
Role of Mass Media
• Raises consciousness about health
• Reaches large audiences
• Conveys simple information
• Places health on the public agenda – gets
people talking
Role of Mass Media
• Inability to convey complex information
• Inability to teach skills
• Less specific information
• Limited two-way communication
• Confusion – eg with the smoking adverts,
children thought the people who smoked
would actually get hooked with a fish hook.