Business Process Improvement

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Transcript Business Process Improvement

Redesiging Business Processes
Purpose and Method
Julie Feldman, CPPS
NOVA Chapter
Sunflower Systems
[email protected]
National Property Management Association
Why Review Business Processes?
Identifying Key Processes
Identifying and Gathering Stakeholders
Documenting As-Is Processes and Metrics
Developing To-Be Processes
Communication and Training Plans
Implementing and Monitoring Results
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Why Review Business Processes?
 Before you begin, ensure you know why
you are undertaking the effort
• Business Drivers
• Updated Regulations
• Standards Implementation
• New Systems Implementation
• Addressing Audit Findings
 For any large scale organization business
process review, obtain executive buy-in
and support
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Identify Key Processes
 Identify Key Processes
 Determine Which Process will undergo
• If implementing new IT system, then many
if not all processes will be reviewed
• If not required, may make sense to pilot
one business process for improvement in
order to validate your overall methodology
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Who Will Be Impacted?
 Identify Stakeholder Groups that:
• Provide inputs to process
• Execute steps in the process
• Receive output of the process
 Identify individuals from each stakeholder
group to be part of the effort
• Should be knowledgeable of needs of
group, empowered to make decisions, and
able to implement change
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Where Are You Starting From?
 In order to know what improvements
should be made, you need to understand
what you are currently doing
 Document your As-Is process in detail
 Gather any metrics you can use to
document where you can improve
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Where Do You Want to Go?
 To-Be Process Design – analyze the new
processes, compare with the old
processes and answer the following
• Can you eliminate any tasks?
• Can you use technology to automate any
• Can you minimize errors?
• Can you look to standards to be a guide?
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Where Do You Want to Go? (cont.)
 Target Metrics
• What do you hope to achieve?
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Organizational Impacts
 Process changes likely will have an
impact on your workforce
 Is your organization willing to accept the
implications such as:
• Changes in tasks?
• Positions eliminated?
• Reassigning people to other tasks?
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How Are You Going To Get There?
 Communications
• Stakeholders need to develop and execute
a communication plan that shares not only
what is being changed but the rational
behind the effort
 Training
• All parties in the process should receive
training on the updates. Training should
be focused and delivered in an effective
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Did You Make Your Goal?
 Once business improvement changes
have been made, the stakeholder group
should review the outcomes to determine
 Metrics should be continuously monitored
to track improvement
 If outcomes were not achieved, evaluate
the cause
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 Business Process Improvement should be
focused on outcomes
 Stakeholders need to be involved to
• Contribute to process
• Obtain buy-in for change
 Processes should be fully reviewed and
updated to improve effectiveness
 Monitoring outcomes allow organizations
to document actual outcomes
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