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Adult and Community Learning
Commissioning and Funding Briefing
4th March 2013
George Allen
George Allen
Head of Service
Gillian Fifield
Quality Manager
Paul Whitehead
Planning & Performance Officer
Patrick Robinson
Commissioning and Contracts
Senior Procurement Officer
Children’s Services Procurement
Annette Rebentisch
Background, Objectives and Priorities
Data and Funding Requirements
Quality Matters
Tendering and Funding Process
Questions and Answers
What is Community Learning?
‘ ….a broad range of learning that brings
together adults of different ages and
backgrounds, to pursue an interest, address a
need, acquire new skills, become healthier or
learn how to support their children.’
What we currently offer:
Funding Agreements with 42 providers
Learning provision within over 300 venues
Support for over 18,000 learners
Accreditation and learning for personal
• Activities that meet requirements of the Skills
Funding Agency and Common Inspection
Objectives and Priorities
• Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) Department ‘New Challenges, New Chances’
• Skills Funding Agency Funding Rules
• Strategic Commissioning Plan for Adult and
Community Learning 2013-14
• Hampshire County Council Open for Business Plan
‘New Challenges, New Chances’
• Maximise access to Community Learning for
adults, bringing new opportunities and
improving lives, whatever people’s
• Bring local communities together to experience
the joy of learning and the pride that comes
with achievement.
‘New Challenges, New Chances’
• Maximise the effect community learning has
on the social and economic well-being of
individuals, families and communities
• Collect fee income from people who can
afford to pay and focus public funding on
people who are disadvantaged and least likely
to participate.
Skills Funding Agency
Funding Rules 2013-14
• Have clear outcomes and appropriate processes
of evaluation
• Highlight how we will impact in communities and
operate in partnership
• Adhere to Funding Rules on contracting and
• Have a financial plan and develop a local strategy
• Achieve aims of New Challenges, New Chances
and ensure effective learner achievement and
compliance with data requirements
HCC Strategic Commissioning Plan for
ACL 2013-14
• Highlights Aims and Outcomes for 2013-14
• Provide both a universal and targeted offer and
support learning where needs are greatest
• Improve recruitment of learners from particular
equality groups eg disabled, males, ethnicity, older
• Maintain a broad range of innovative learning
• Ensure the development of meaningful partnership
activities that enable joint working and share
best practice.
Community Learning
• HCC-based applications = Service Level
• Non-HCC applicants invited to tender
Adult Skills Budget
• Not part of this process but becomes part of
the developing HCC ‘Hampshire Futures’
Data and Funding
Paul Whitehead
Planning and Performance Officer
Skills Funding Agency Requirements
• Compliance with Funding Rules 2013-14
– Learner Eligibility
• Learning Agreement
– Enrolment form
– Initial Assessment
– Learning plan
– Record of attendance
– Record and evidence of achievement
Skills Funding Agency Requirements
• Individualised Learner Record (ILR)
– Five returns per year
– All learner details
– All learning activity
– Achievement
• Summary of children on Family
Hampshire Learning Requirements
• Course Details
– Start and end dates, course length,
session dates and times, prices, venue,
tutor, accreditation details
• Enrolment form from each learner
• Registers
– Attendance Information
– Achievement Information
Hampshire Learning Requirements
• Summary of children on Family
• Summary of learner post-course
Hampshire Learning Deadlines
• Course Details
– Publicised course details 6-8 weeks before
course start for publication on course search
– Non-publicised course details as soon as
– Details required BEFORE course starts
Hampshire Learning Deadlines
• Enrolments and Child data
– Within 2 weeks of enrolment
• Registers
– Within 2 weeks of course completion
• Learner Evaluations
– Within 2 weeks of end of term
Quality Matters
Gillian Fifield
Quality Matters
Provision that meets quality requirements of:
• Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework for
Further Education (FE) and Skills
• Skills Funding Agency Funding Agreement –
Quality Assurance and Raising Standards
• Legislation and Statutory regulations including:
– Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, Safeguarding
• Awarding Organisations and the NCFE Investing
in Quality (IIQ) Standards
Quality Matters
• Good leadership and management
• Competent and appropriately qualified staff
• Continuous Professional Development (CPD)
• Meeting the needs of learners
• Accreditation and progression opportunities
• Safe, healthy and supportive learning
Quality Matters
• Equality of access to learning opportunities
• Close equality gaps
• Support for learners to meet their learning
goals and personal objectives and progress
to further learning
• Learner and learning support
• Minimise drop out rates, deliver high
completion, achievement and success rates
Ofsted Inspection from 2012
The key judgement on all inspections
“How effective and efficient is the provider
in meeting the reasonable needs of
learners and users?”
Takes into account all of the available evidence
and judgements against the 2012 Common
Inspection Framework and Evaluation Schedule
Overall Effectiveness
This judgement is influenced by the
• Outcomes for learners
• The quality of teaching, learning and
• The effectiveness of leadership and
Inspectors will
• expect providers to be ‘good’
• use the term ‘requires improvement’ – no
longer ‘satisfactory’
• expect outstanding providers to have
outstanding teaching and learning
• evaluate fully the arrangements for
performance management
• place greater importance on the role of the
governing body
Ofsted’s ‘Learner View’
• Online questionnaire for learners to give their
• Asks for opinions on a range aspects: eg are
sessions well taught? would you recommend to
a friend?
• Information used when making decisions about
which providers to inspect and when
• Can be completed at any time during the year
• Providers reminded to encourage learners to
complete the questionnaire (in particular when
notified of inspection)
Observations of Teaching, Learning
and Assessment
• Observations remain key part of the inspection
• Inspectors will listen to learners
• Carry out paired Observations of Teaching and
Learning (OTL)
• Make judgements on quality of learners’ work
• Expect to see planning documents and records of
learners’ progress and achievement
• Marked work / tutor feedback to learners
Tender Performance Indicators Quality
• Clear course information with progression routes
• Planning and recording documentation:
Course Files
• Learner evaluation
• Course and Programme Review and Evaluation
• Planned programme of OTLs
• OTL reports submitted to Hampshire Learning
• Health and Safety Risk Assessments
• Single Central Safeguarding Record
• Timely return of Self-assessment Report (SAR) and
Quality Improvement Plan (QuIP)
Funding and Tendering
Annette Rebentisch
Senior Procurement Officer
All Hampshire County Council tenders are
advertised on our e-tendering system: InTend
External providers can register on In-Tend
and download documents from the tender
website (after “expression of interest”)
Framework Agreement
• Framework with several external
• Open tender process (one step to get
on the Framework)
• Framework period 1 year
– 1 August 2013 - 31 July 2014
– Option to extend for a further 12
Notes for Tenderers
• Who can bid?
– Single Legal Entity (Skills Funding Agency does
not permit sub-contracting)
– Experienced learning providers with local
– External providers
Questions from tenderers
Bona Fide
TUPE does not apply (advice)
External providers
• Bids submitted through In-Tend
• All documents available from Tuesday 5
March 2013
• Documents for information include:
• Doc 1: Notes to Tenderers
• Doc 2: Service Specification
• Doc 3: Copy of Framework Agreement
External providers
Documents to be completed and returned:
Document 4: Eligibility Questionnaire
Document 5: Tender Return
Document 6: Form of tender
Document 7: Bona fide form
Document 8: Reference template (to be
sent to referees and returned with tender)
Hampshire County Council
• Council providers apply by completing
funding application (based on question of
tender return)
• Documents will be emailed to providers
– Service Specification
– Relevant documents from Skills Funding Agency
– Application Form
• Providers return documents by email to
[email protected]
Please ensure that the following guidance is
adhered to when completing your tender or
funding application:
• Please read the full guidance document explaining
the eligibility criteria and evaluation weightings
• Please ask / contact us when you don’t understand
something, need some help, etc.
• Ask questions / clarifications (preferably) via the In
tend portal, we will endeavour to respond within 48
Please ensure that the following guidance is
adhered to when submitting your tender:
• Include all supporting documents when submitting
tender return – including insurance documents and
• Be prepared in case of IT problems: the network
speeds can slow considerably leading up to deadline
• Make sure you use the correct submission route
Procurement Timeline
Provider Briefing
4 March 2013
Advertisement on In-Tend and in the
Media – providers able to access
tender documents
4 or 5 March
Deadline for the tender response via
16 April 2013
Tender evaluation
End April 2013
Expected award of contracts
Early May 2013
First “call off”
Mid to end May 2013
Service start date for Contracts
August 2013
Procurement Contact details
Tender web address:
Telephone support:
01962 846094 (Annette) or
01962 832323 (Corporate procurement, InTend support team)
Email support:
[email protected]
Hampshire Learning website address
Key Documents
including:•Hampshire County Council’s Strategic Commissioning
Plan 2013-14
•Common Inspection Framework
•New Challenges, New Chances: Next Steps in
Implementing the Further Education
About Us including key contact information for:George Allen, Head of Hampshire Learning
email [email protected]
Gillian Fifield, Quality Manager
email [email protected]
Paul Whitehead, Planning and Performance
email [email protected]