rushcliffe CCG prescribing team 2014

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NHS Rushcliffe Clinical
Commissioning Group (CCG)
About Us
• Statutory public body
- April 2013
• Organisation
- Population 122,066
- Budget £127m
• Statutory duties
Our Priorities
Commission services that improve health of the
whole population with better quality of care and
outcomes for all patients
Our Priorities
Three priority areas
• Supporting people to manage ongoing
• Improving mental health and wellbeing
• Promoting prevention and early intervention
and supporting people to make healthy
lifestyle choices.
Plans for the future
• More support closer to home for patients
• Right care in the most appropriate place
• Support and extended access to general
• Support patients in managing own health
• South Nottinghamshire Transformation
Rushcliffe CCG
Prescribing Team
Who we are…
Medicines Management Lead
• Nayna Zuzarte and Beth Carney
Primary Care Pharmacists
• Stacey Sadler, Gillian Gookey, Karen Chappell
Prescribing Technician
• Sameena Mir
Total 2.6 WTE
Wider team
• Shared team across the five Nottinghamshire
county CCG’s:
Area Prescribing Committee / Interface team
• Nicky Bird, Amanda Rawlings, James Sutton
Clinical Governance and Care Homes Lead
• Coral Osborn
Data Analysts
• Tim Oxley and Chris Day
Our priorities
• Promote evidence based cost effective
prescribing by optimising the use of medicines
in primary care and across the interface with
secondary care.
• Improve health outcomes for Rushcliffe
patients through medicines optimisation.
• Advise on the effective use of medicines
across the whole patient pathway.
Quality, Innovation, Productivity &
Prevention (QIPP) Strategy
• £15million prescribing budget
• £376k savings to be made on
primary care prescribing budget
• Reduction in C. Difficile infections through
stewardship of antimicrobial prescribing.
• Reducing harm associated with medicines
• Using risk stratification and minimising errors
where medicines may lead to unplanned
• Procurement of medicines
• IT systems
• Service and Pathway improvement
• Prescribing cost efficiencies
Respiratory (COPD/Asthma)
Traffic light drugs – Red drugs
Cost effective preparations
Waste management
• Optimise treatment to prevent long term
burden of disease and cost pressures
COPD and Asthma
Cardiovascular disease
Frail and elderly
Care homes
How can Community Pharmacy Help?
• National and Local guidelines and formulary
• Ensure patients only receive medicines they
• Targeted MURs e.g Asthma/COPD
• Out of stock medicines
• Specials/unlicensed products
How can Community Pharmacy Help?
• Responding to the National Review of
Asthma Deaths
• 39% of patients who died during the
monitoring period had >12 SABA reliever
inhalers issued in the year prior to their
• 4% of patients had more than 50 inhalers
issued in the year prior to their deaths.
How can Community Pharmacy Help?
• Cost effective preparations
Dose optimisation
Tablets and capsules
Oral contraceptives
Branded generics
• Waste Management
Any questions?
Practices and Pharmacists
• Karen Chappell
East Leake
Castle practice (new merged practice)
• Stacey Sadler
Belvoir Practice
St Georges
West bridgford
Orchard, Kegworth
Castle practice
Practices and Pharmacists
• Gillian Gookey
Ruddington medical centre
East bridgford
Castle practice
• Sameena Mir
Works across all
• Nayna Zuzarte