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AB 86: Adult Education
Webinar Series
Agenda for Today’s Webinar
• Reports Due 3/1 - Reminders
• Today’s Guest Speakers
– Glendale AB86 Consortium
• Amalia Marquez, AB86 Project Manager
• Don Nakamoto, Glendale WIB Executive Director
– Community College Student Success and Support
• Mia Keely, CCCCO
– K-12 Adult Support Services
• Natacha Matute, Counselor Sequoia District Adult
DOF Questions and Answers from 1.30.15
• We still do not have the Q&A finalized from
the 1.30.15 webinar, we are awaiting approval
from DOF
• If you have questions or comments not covered
on the January 30th webinar, please contact:
– Christian Osmena ([email protected])
– Keith Nezaam ([email protected]
AB86 Final Report – Due 3/1/2015
• Submit your narrative report, including the tables for Objectives 3 to 7,
as a single document in PDF format.
• Use the following naming convention for the file: Grant NumberRegional Consortium Name- 3.1.15 Final Plan.
• Submit the Excel tables for Objectives 1 and 2 in a separate, Excel file.
• Include a cover sheet, table of contents, and narrative and tables for all
seven objectives.
• Refer to the report checklist to ensure you have included all parts of the
regional comprehensive plan
– project management plan
– organizational structure
– list of members and partners
– shared leadership strategies
– involvement of faculty and teachers
– communication strategy for the planning process.
Glendale Consortium
Glendale Community College & Glendale Unified School District
Verdugo Workforce Investment Board
Don Nakamoto, Executive Director
Dr. Amalia Márquez, AB86 Project Manager
Consortium Membership
Community College
K-12 School District
Community Partnerships
Armenian Relief Society
Glendale Consortium
Regional Demographics
Regional (Glendale/Burbank area) demonstrates a need for
adult education programs in the areas of:
English as a second language (ESL)
Development of adult basic and secondary education
Workforce training
Consortium Goals & Vision
• Goals
Create seamless transitions between K12, adult education,
community college, and the workforce
Create transitions and links to regional community
Develop a learning community of practitioners through
data sharing and collaboration
• Vision
• Increased regional collaboration will provide increased
access and seamless transitions to educational services
and employment opportunities for adult learners in the
Regional Challenges
1. Obtaining and sharing demographic and program level
information to help identify needs and strengths in adult
education; and
2. Strengthening existing partnerships and developing new
collaborations to improve services in adult education.
A Unique Solution
• The Glendale Consortium partnered with the Verdugo
Workforce Investment Board (VWIB) to provide the
technical and research support services for AB86 activities:
Project management
Needs assessment—programs and local economy
Coordination of planning activities
A History of Collaboration in
the Region
• Collaborative history between the VWIB and K14 education
Glendale Community College
Glendale Unified School District
Burbank Unified School District
• VWIB and Glendale Consortium is a unique partnership
characterized by trust and a shared vision for adult
learners in the region
A History of Collaboration in
the Region
Collaborative history between the VWIB and K14 education
• Past projects:
 Joint creation of the Verdugo Power Academy
 Joint creation of digital entertainment/animation training
 Creation of an electronic medical records training, etc.
• Prior relationship led to the new collaboration around
Benefits of VWIB Partnership
Leveraging additional research and resources—e.g., LMI
Strengthening existing partnerships and forging new
Engaging consortium team in critical conversations
about how to address gaps in regional adult education
programs and services
Positioning adult education agencies to be ahead of the
curve in light of WIOA mandates
Contact Information
Alfred Ramirez, Ed.D.
Administrative Dean
Workforce Development, Continuing &Community Education
Glendale Community College
[email protected]
Don Nakamoto
Verdugo Workforce Investment Board
Executive Director
[email protected]
Amalia Márquez, Ed.D.
AB86 Project Manager
Verdugo Workforce Investment Board
[email protected]
Student Success & Support Program:
Core Services
Mia Keeley,
Admissions & Student Success, CCCCO
Student Success Act of 2012 (SB 1456)
– First steps to begin implementation of SSTF recommendations:
• 2.2 – Require Orientation, Assessment and Ed Plans
• 2.5 – Require students to declare a course of study
• 3.2 – Incentivize success with BOGFW conditions
(and enrollment priorities)
• 8.2 – Invest in a Student Support Initiative
– Links funding to support:
• 7.3 Student Success Scorecard: Implement the accountability scorecard
• 2.1 Centralized Assessment: As a condition of receipt of funds, requires
colleges to adopt common assessment if the college uses standardized
assessment tests (when CCCAssess becomes available)
Student Success and Support Program
Core Services
SSSP funding must be expended on Core Services:
• Orientation
• Assessment
• Counseling, Advising & Other Education Planning
• Follow-up for at-risk students (§ 55525)
– Enrolled in Basic Skills, no identified ed goal or course
of study, on academic/progress probation
SSSP Core Services
Academic progress/probation standards
Maintaining registration priority
Prerequisite or co-requisite challenge process
Maintaining Board of Governors Fee Waiver eligibility
Available programs, support services, financial aid assistance, and
campus facilities
Academic calendar and important timelines
Registration and college fees
Available education planning services
Other issues, policies, & procedures the college determines as necessary
SSSP Core Services
Assessment and Placement:
• English, Math, ESL
• Assessment must be approved by CO
• Multiple measures
• May use measure other than assessment (EAP,
• Must use Common Assessment once
implemented (CAI)
SSSP Core Services
Counseling, Advising, Other Education Planning Services:
• Exploration of education/career interests, identification of an
education/career goal & course of study
• Prep for transfer, AA degrees, and/or certificates and licenses
• Provide information, using a broad array of delivery, including
technology, to enable students to make informed choices
• Development of an education plan to accomplish a course of
study related to a student's education and career goals
SSSP Core Services
Student Education Plans:
All first-time students expected to have:
• Abbreviated Ed Plan is 1-2 semesters in length
- or • Comprehensive Ed Plan take(s) into account a student’s
interests, skills, career and education goals, major, potential
transfer institutions, and the steps the student needs to
take…to complete their identified course of study.
Title 5 Section 55524
SSSP Core Services
Follow-up for at-risk students:
• At-risk defined as: enrolled in Basic Skills, have not
identified an education goal and course of study, are on
Academic/Progress Probation (at risk of losing
enrollment priority and BOG Fee Waiver)
• Services include:
– academic or progress probation interventions
– academic early alert systems
– referral to other support services
Support Services
K-12 Adult School
Support Areas
Academic Counseling
Transition Advising
Financial Support
Other Services
Academic Counseling
 Provide ABE/ASE academic counseling
 Conduct Orientation and placement
 Advise GED and High School Diploma students
 Enroll Concurrent Students
 Advise/assist with transition to work and college
Collaborate with Canada College outreach and counseling department
College visits to the school and visits to college
Refer students to JobtTrain (CTE training)
Assist Students in job search
 Articulate with district schools
 Support students on concurrent credit recovery
 Support at risk seniors who want to transition
ESL Transition Advising
 Informs students about College and Career Options
 Conducts workshops for ESL students
 Advises students individually before transition
 Case manages students in college
 Helps students leverage Financial resources
 Helps students apply for scholarships, BOG Waivers, and FAFSA
 Refers full-time students to EOPS
 Tracks students’ progress in SalesForce
 Refers students for tutoring and other services
 Funded by Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Financial Support
 Sequoia Adult School Scholars
 Provides financial support for low-income students
 501(c)3 started by staff and volunteers
 Serves students who have transitioned to College
 Textbooks
 Clipper Cards or Parking permit
 GED Fees
 Provides Tutors
 Progress reports from college faculty
 Recruit and Train Tutors
 Provides computers to students in need
Other Support Services
 Emotional/Social Counseling
 LMFT/Social Worker one day a week
 In collaboration with 4 San Mateo schools
 Student Presentations
 Health, immigration, financial, DMV
 Referrals to other agencies
 Citizenship and immigration services
 Jobs Advisor on a ELL Job Search Pilot
[email protected]