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Science and Technology
World War I is over, and a new decade has begun.
There is peace in the world and prosperity at home.
It is a time of exciting social, cultural, economic,
and technological change. You see new products
and new ideas coming into your life.
Which changes in culture or technology
will affect your life the most?
• How will these new ideas and
products change your life?
• Will these changes make life
better and easier? How?
• Which class of people will be
affected most by these changes?
1920 Warren G. Harding is elected president.
1923 Calvin Coolidge becomes president.
1924 Coolidge is elected president. Nellie Taylor
Ross is first woman elected governor.
1925 Scopes Trial is held.
Harlem Renaissance flourishes.
1927 Lindbergh makes first transatlantic solo
flight. First movie with sound, The Jazz
Singer, released.
1928 Herbert Hoover is elected president.
To World
1921 Chinese Communist Party is founded.
1922 Benito Mussolini is named Italy’s prime minister.
1923 Adolph Hitler tries but fails to gain power in
southern Germany.
1926 Hirohito becomes emperor of Japan.
1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact signed.
1929 National Revolutionary
Party organized in Mexico.
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Main Idea
The government supported
business and kept a hands-off
policy in other matters.
Why It Matters Now
How involved the government
should be in the economy remains
an issue today.
What were important details about Warren G. Harding,
Calvin Coolidge, and Henry Ford?
president whose administration was
marked by scandal
president who promoted business
producer of the Model T automobile and
developer of the assembly line
• What were Harding’s and Coolidge’s
policies toward business?
• How did corruption affect the
Harding administration?
• How did new technology help business
to grow during the 1920s?
Drawing Conclusions
Which developments in the 1920s added
to prosperity?
Think About
• government’s role in the economy
• advances made in technology
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Main Idea
Changes in society in the 1920s
brought new attitudes and lifestyles but
also caused divisions and conflict.
Why It Matters Now
Many of the social issues of the 1920s continue
to challenge American society today.
What were some fads of the Roaring Twenties?
flagpole sitting
shorter hemlines
dance marathons
silly songs
bobbed hairstyles
• How did the Roaring Twenties
change the lives of young people?
• What factors were responsible
for the changes in women’s lives?
• What were the conflicts that divided society?
Recognizing Effects
How was American society
transformed in the 1920s?
Think About
• roles of young people and women
• migration of African Americans
• conflicts between groups
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Main Idea
Popular culture was influenced
by the mass media, sports, and the
contributions of African Americans.
Why It Matters Now
Much of today’s popular culture
had its origins in this period.
What are some important facts
about radio and movies in the 1920s?
• millions of radios sold
• spread popular culture
• stations broadcast news,
sports, music, comedies,
and commercials
• moviemaking centered
in Hollywood
• brought nation closer
• gave people an escape
• Which two factors gave
Americans more leisure time?
• What effect did radio have on sports?
• Why was Harlem called the
unofficial capital of black America?
What contributions to popular
culture occurred in the 1920s?
Think About
• the impact of World War I
• the power of mass media
• new social values
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1 How was the foreign policy of
Harding and Coolidge isolationist?
2 What was the economic theory of laissez faire?
3 Which factors contributed to the nation’s
growing wealth during the 1920s?
4 What changes took place in the behavior
and values of young people during the 1920s?
5 What was the image of the flapper?
6 How did the 19th Amendment change women’s lives?
7 What were some of the divisions
in society in the 1920s?
8 What were three examples
of American popular culture?
9 Which factors contributed
to the popularity of sports?
10 Why are the 1920s also called the Jazz Age?
Finding Main Ideas
Presidents Harding and Coolidge support business
to promote America’s economic well-being.
Business booms in the 1920s, and the standard of
living rises for many Americans.
Farmers are hit hard as the value of farm products falls.
New technologies lead to growth in business and
changes in the way Americans live their lives.
Changes in society bring new attitudes and new
lifestyles to the nation, but some changes cause conflict.
Popular Culture
Movies, radio, jazz, and sports become popular entertainment.
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