Adolf Hitler: The legacy of hate in Germany

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Transcript Adolf Hitler: The legacy of hate in Germany

Adolf Hitler:
The Rise of
a Madman
US History
Childhood 1889-1907
Adolf Hitler is born in Austria on April 20th, 1889.
During his childhood he struggled developing a
positive relationship with his father.
Moved around Austria until his father died when
he was 14. (1903)
Childhood 1907: 18 years old
1907: Hitler attempts to enter art school in
Vienna Austria. He is rejected.
Childhood 1907-1914
1907-1914: Hitler struggled to become an
artist without schooling. He did poorly.
He was homeless and without much
support until his mother died and he
inherited some of her estate.
1913: Hitler moves to Munich, Germany. A
year later he volunteers for military service
for the German army.
World War 1: 1914-1918
Hitler left Austria and joined the German Army. (1914)
Hitler receives medals for bravery and is promoted to
Oct. 1918: Hitler is wounded in a gas attack which
leaves Hitler blinded.
Rise to Power 1918-1923
Adolf Hitler recovers from his wounds and joins
the German Workers Party as it’s 54th member.
He excels at public speaking and soon becomes
their spokesman and chief recruiter.
The German Workers Party is renamed the
National Socialist German Workers Party
(NSDAP) or Nazi Party
Rise to Power 1923-1925
Nov. 8th, 1923: Beer Hall Putsch ends in failure.
Hitler goes to prison.
Dec. 1924: Hitler is released from prison.
Fall 1925: Hitler’s Mein Kampf is published.
Rise to Power 1925-1933
The central theme of the Nazi Party
becomes the anger over the Treaty of
By 1925 the Nazi Party grows and creates
two groups to support them.
The SA (Brown Shirts)
Hitler Youth
Brown Shirts (SA)
Hitler Youth
The Hitler Youth was
designed to
indoctrinate or
brainwash the youth of
the country into
following Hitler.
Rise to Power 1930-1933
After the US Stock Market crashes there
are repercussions throughout the world.
The message of hating the Treaty of
Versailles and blaming the Jews and the
French for their problems becomes very
Rise to Power 1930-1933
From 1930 to 1933 a growing support for
the Nazi party led to overwhelming support
for their candidates in elections.
Jan. 1933: Hitler is elected Chancellor of