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Adobe Premier Elements 7
Movie Making Software Tutorial
Start a new project
Name your project and save it to the
Name it so you can find it again!
“Your name and title”
You need to put your clips on the
desktop in the folder you made.
A note on the Desktop
• We need to save media files where there
is more space
• It is your desktop when you log on, not
anyone else’s
• Name your folder so you can find it
• Include a relevant file name, ie Women’s
Achievement Project
Find your media, clips, and import
Find them on the desktop
Select all your files.
They show up here
Then you begin editing them here.
Drag your clips to the sceneline
(or timeline)
Choose a
task in the
Edit Tab
Project: where your clips
are stored
Themes: styles of
production effects
Effects: video or audio
effects you can use to
change your clips
Transitions: how the clips
can flow together
Titles: types of words and
shapes you can put on
the or between the clips
one of
Add Transitions to the Sceneline
Or to the timeline
Tools and shortcuts
Regular selection tool = press V key on the keyboard
Razor tool, cuts clips = press C key
Time stretch tool, makes clips move slower or take longer
Or move faster, take shorter time = press X key
(Choose the Regular tool, V key, because the other ones can’t do everything)
Add a title to the start, here…
Double click the title, to get a menu
Adding Narration
Turn your Premier file into a Movie
Choose Personal Computer
Choose MPEG
Change the Presets
Name it
Save In – Browse to Desktop
Click Save & Wait…
Click Save