I.B. EXHIBITION Children Worldwide Face a Variety of Risks and

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Transcript I.B. EXHIBITION Children Worldwide Face a Variety of Risks and

Child Labor and Neglect
• Children around the world are alone and have to work for their own
money. Most of the places they work at, have bad working conditions.
They are treated poorly, and are paid very little. Working conditions
are so bad that most of the time it affects their health.
- Education problems thrive in 30 countries.
- With a good education, they can have many
more opportunities.
- Every child has a right to a proper education.
- Every day throughout the world, more than
110 million children miss out on going to
elementary school.
- Many children are kidnapped by militias and
forced to do hard labor.
- Other children have no choice, but to work in
a factory or to betray their birthplace.
- Many children in other countries don’t have a
safe home to go to or any home period.
- It costs 350 dollars to build a well, that seems
like a lot, but it costs 350 dollars to save the
lives of many children.
- In other countries such as Ethiopia, there are
no ambulances, just two men and a stretcher.
- Other places don’t have medicines to cure
their deadly diseases.
- 22,000 people live on only a dollar a day.
- 90% of all people fail to live on ten dollars or
less a day.
- 2% of money cost to make weapons could put
most children into school, but that hasn’t
- Having a roof over your head to sleep in a bed
makes you one of the world’s 10% richest
Sports and Activities
- It is proven that kids with more exercise
accomplish more later in life.
- Other children need sports and activities to
fight off obesity.
- A great way to eliminate stress is to go
outside and get active.
- 640 million people live without adequate
- 400 million people have no access to safe
- 270 million people have no access to health
- 10.6 million children died in 2003 before they
reached the age of 5.
- Poverty thrives in 30 countries.
What We Have Learned
• We have learned of how lucky we are for what
we have.
• We learned that many other people are dying
for water, while we swim in it.
• A child dies every three seconds of hunger,
health, lack of sanitation, and many others.
What We Can Do
- We can donate to make a well, and as IB
students we can provide essential items for
children under poverty.
- We can take them into our homes as if they
were one of our family members, just as Mrs.
Wilson did.
- We can all spread the word about changing
the world one step at a time.
Profiles and Attitudes
• We all Cooperated when we had to type all of
our written reports and our Power Point
• We all were Committed when we went
through the toughest part of the exhibition,
which was writing the reports and assembling
our boards.
• Now we show empathy towards others in the
world that have less than we do.
Ryan and Jimmy by Herb Shoveller
• Noah Hale
• Cooper Clark
• Kenny Nguyen
• Carson Kress