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Concussions and
Tyler Kohmetscher
S A concussion is a type of
traumatic brain injury that
is caused by a blow to the
head or body, a fall, or
another injury that jars or
shakes the brain inside the skull
Signs and Symptoms
S Thinking and remembering
S Feeling slowed down
S Not thinking clearly
S Not being able to remember new information
S Not being able to concentrate
S Physical
S Fuzzy or blurry vision
S Headache
S Sensitivity to light or noise
S Feeling tired or having no energy
S Dizziness
S Balance problems
S Nausea and vomiting
Signs and Symptoms (cont)
S Emotional and mood
S Sad
S Easily upset or angered
S More emotional
S Nervous or anxious
S Sleep
S Sleeping less than usual
S Sleeping more than usual
S Having a hard time falling asleep
Factors affecting Concussions
BPS Model
S Biological
S Female
S Child
S Psychological
S Having to “suck it up” for parents, coaches
S Pressure to perform
S Social
S Relationships with parents or coaches
S Live up to social gender roles
Males show no signs of weakness
S Taken at beginning of year before beginning athletics
S Baseline to test if you experienced
concussion later
S Memory, attention span, and
reaction time
S Physician
S Check for attention span, memory
and reaction time
S Became popular in the 2003 Women’s World Cup
S Resembles an enlarged headband
S Weighs less then 2 ounces
S Covers forehead, temple,
and occipital bone in the
back of the head
Stats for Headgear
S In a population studied,
S 47.8% had experienced symptoms of a concussion during the
current soccer year.
26.9% of athletes who wore headgear had concussions
52.8% of those who did not wear headgear had concussions
More than one concussion was experienced by 50.0% of the
concussed headgear athletes
69.3% of the concussed No-head gear group had experience
more than one concussion
Pros and Cons
S Pros
S Prevents concussions
S Makes you more confident in playing harder
S Not scare
S Cons
S Not comfortable
S Makes you look not very “cool”
S Can still suffer concussion whether wearing it or not
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