ICS Year 3 by James Lambert

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Transcript ICS Year 3 by James Lambert

Student Feedback: Year 3 GP

James Lambert Year 3 MBBS

What’s coming up?

• What makes students unhappy?

• What makes students happy?

• Summary • Quotes from Year 3 GP Autumn 2013

What makes students unhappy?

• Most issues are logistics-related • Overcrowding (>2:1) • Patient fatigue/rehearsal • On the whole, students are happy – brilliant!

What makes students happy?

… Introduction • “We were met and introduced to the practice well … we felt at home and comfortable” • Access to staff facilities • Aims for the placement

… Histories • “We had teaching sessions … about a certain condition and the doctors had organised patients to come and see us with the condition so that we could take a history, formulate management plans and practice presenting … this placement has been my best GP placement to date”

… Skills • “The chance to clerk patients every week significantly enabled me to improve my history taking and examination skills” • “GP was very good at teaching both with clinical knowledge, but also with communication skills”

… Feedback • “Each doctor gave feedback after each history and examination, and at the end of the week individual feedback was given” • “Doctor was able to … give more comprehensive feedback which otherwise we wouldn't normally get in an acute hospital setting”

… Relevance • “Focused teaching on topics relevant to met3a” • “Clinical teaching was useful for consolidating knowledge … however the insight into the ethical, legal, clinical and interdisciplinary dilemmas which face GPs was extremely useful”

… Logbook • “Was difficult filling out the 4 histories in the GP section of the logbook” • “The tutor was aware of our student needs including signing off in our log books”

… Extra work • “He also provided us with extra homework … which has been extremely useful” • “It was good that we were always asked to go away and do set work before the next session”

… Different staff • “Morning with the district nurses was really good” • “Able to see how different GPs work differently”

… Other bits • Flu jabs • Longer consultations with students present • Emergency list • Use of Haikus for reflection • Summary sessions

Summary • A good introduction • Chance to practice history-taking and examinations • Relevant and refreshing topics • Regular feedback • Variation

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