Lowe`s Training Blast February 2015

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Transcript Lowe`s Training Blast February 2015

BSH Internal Communication
Monthly Update: Training Center
Introducing the NEW 800 Series Bosch Dishwasher….
Model # SHXN8U55UC
Available End of February
Features in common with
other 800 series dishwashers:
• InfoLight®
• Touch Controls
• Detergent Tray
• Condensation Drying
• RackMatic®
Features Unique to This Model:
Rack Flexibility
Quiet – 40 dBA
Bosch looks at noise reduction
from every angle, incorporating 18
unique sound reducing
With 4 upper & 4 lower flip tines,
this models offers increased
flexibility to load whatever size
dishes the customer may have.
New Cycles
Pots & Pans – For heavily soiled dishes
Glass – For freshly soiled, delicate dishes
30 Minute Express – For lightly soiled dishes . Ideal
for if you need to reuse dishes right away.
New Option
Flexible 3rd Rack
Expandable wings on our flexible
rack provide
extra height to fit ramekins, measuring cups and extra
large utensils.
Save Time - Reduces cycle
time by up to 25% while
maintaining cleaning
Tall Item Sprinkler
Stainless Steel Inlays
This accessory lets the
customer remove the top
basket in the dishwasher to
allow extra height to wash
taller items, such as cookie
sheets, cutting boards or
stock pots.
These inlays are featured on
all 3 racks. They provide a
high-end finish that
customers expect when
purchasing a premium
For any additional questions on this new dishwasher, please contact our product specialists through
our sales support website: www.askboschlowes.com Live Chat: Mon-Fri 8:30AM to 6:00PM EST
Outside of chat hours? Submit a question and receive a response within 24 Hours.
BSH Internal Communication
Monthly Update: Training Center
Key Features – 800 Series Bar Handle Dishwashers…
SHX68T55UC (498135)
44 dBA
SHX68T56UC (498086)
44 dBA
SHX68T52UC (497914)
44 dBA
Bosch dishwashers are so quiet, you
may forget they’re on. InfoLight®
projects a red light onto the floor
during the wash cycle that turns off
when dishes are ready.
Adjust the upper rack in just one
step, even when loaded. Adjusts
to three different heights and
allows for up to 9 rack positions
for ultimate flexibility.
*Also a feature on 300 & 500 Series
*Also a feature on 500 series
Detergent Tray
Touch Control
Optimized for tablets, this tray
holds detergent in place for a
dedicated spray jet to directly
dissolve tablets and minimize
spraying at the door.
At the lightest touch, our extra
responsive controls allow quick
cycle and option programming.
*Also a feature on 300 & 500 series
Key Features – 500 Series Pocket Handle Dishwashers…
44 dBA
44 dBA
SHP65T55UC (498132)
SHP65T56UC (632516)
44 dBA
SHP65T52UC (612561)
Standard 3rd Rack
Pocket Handle
This pocket handle design can be
easily integrated into any kitchen
because of it’s brand neutral design.
*Stainless Steel pocket handle available in
300 & 800 series
The v-shape of the rack provides
the perfect space for large
utensils, whisks & spatulas. An
ingenious use of space that offers
a total of 30% more loading area. *Also a feature on 800 Series
Self-Latching Door
Our AquaStop® system
contains leaks through a
precisely engineered tub and
sensor system that works with
our solid molded base. If a
leak has occurred, it shuts
down operation and
automatically pumps out water
to avoid contact with the floor.
Our self latching door
holds at the position you
want it when you open
your dishwasher and
automatically shuts at less
than 20°.
*Also a feature on 300 & 800
* Also a feature on 300 & 800
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