People+luggage weighs service in your hotel for your clients

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Transcript People+luggage weighs service in your hotel for your clients

Luggage+people weighs
scale service in your hotel
- Additional service for your clients.
- No cost for hotel. Machine is for free.
- Additional Income for hotel as space rental.
30% of coins for hotel, each month.
Your client will thank you
Check-in bags for the
price of gold
- For space and fuel control,
airlines impose payments for
excess of baggage.
- MARBER SA, responds to this
new demand with its new
luggage+people weighs scale,
and prevent your customers to
pay exorbitant fees on their
return flights because of those
extra kilos, of their purchases.
Each kilogram of the more you pay 10 €
-A lot of customers use the scale before
leaving home.
-But in your vacation destination, it is
normal to buy gifts, souvenirs for family
and friends. And in return, is where the
"excess baggage rate" can be quite a
- What to do in such cases? Pay or
desarmar suitcase, begin to divide the
extra kilos, with all staff watching the
scene at the airport!
People weighs service in your hotel for your clients
- Many people, especially women,
are concerned about their weight
while on vacation. Some hotels are
"all inclusive" or customers are
going to good restaurants and then
they are concerned about fat.
- Having the luggage + people
weighs scale is also the solution.
Service luggage + people weigh scale
at your hotel
- It is the perfect solution for your client.
You can comfortably distribute the weight
of luggage bags and take something by
-Client can control also their weight during
the holidays.
- Today, major hotel groups are relying on
our product and offering a great service to
their customer. This service is already
operating in Spain, Italy, France, Greece,
Mexico, Santo Domingo ...
European Precision Scale
- It is a precision scale and European
quality, calibrated periodically by our
service. Avoid complaints and legal claims
for other products.
- Features:
 Weight display from 0 to 220 Kg
 Electronic Divisions 100 gr
 "Auto-Zero" constant calibration
 Operated by coin, papermoney or token
 1 coin € = 1 weight reading
 Large size display
 Cash drawer large capacity
 Accounting incorporated by operating a button
 Metallic structure of steel 1.5 mm thick
 Measures:
Height....... 1200 mm
Width..........500 mm
Deep .......... 500 mm
Some of the hotels we offer our service:
Iberostar hotels & resorts.
Riu hotels.
Husa hoteles.
Hi hoteles.
H TOP hoteles & resorts group.
Hoteles globales.
Aqua hotels.
Confortel hoteles.
H10 hotels.
Protur hotels.
Golden hotels.
HIPO hotels.
SERHS tourism group.
Amic hotels.
Helios hotels.
THB hotels.
NH Hotels.
- Currently more than 1000
scales are serving around the
world as the scale bestselling coin-operated. And
you can have it for free as
new additional business.
Your client will thank you.
Esquirol Cano, S.L.
Tel. (00356) 79851605
123 viani street, flat 1,
Slima, Malta
[email protected]