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A tropical wet and dry climate is found here in SW Asia

What is nowhere?

This is where you would find the major oil fields of SW Asia.

What is Saudi Arabia & the Persian Gulf region?

Absolutely necessary for the exportation of oil from the Persian Gulf to the ROW.

What is the Strait of Hormuz?

Oman, Yemen, and Bahrain

What are the non OPEC nations of the Arabian Peninsula?

The ranking, in order from 1 st to last, of 4 countries w/large Kurdish minorities

What are Turkey, Iraq/Iran, Syria?

We generally have more restrictions on what we can wear in public.

What are the women of SW Asia?

A stateless nation and mostly Muslim.

Who are the Kurds?

We disagree on the succession from the Prophet Muhammad.

What are the Shi’ite and Sunni Muslims?

Hassan Rouhani

Who is the President of Iran?

The poorest country in SW Asia

What is Afghanistan?

Other than the liberation of Kuwaitis, a very important reason for Operation Desert Storm.

What is protecting the region’s oil fields?

The Arab League handed over responsibility of the West Bank to this group.

What is the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO)?

Strict Sharia law, controlled Afghanistan from 1996 – 2001, & gave refuge to Al-Qaeda.

What is the Taliban?

Both have historic & religious ties to the same land.

Who are the Israelis & Palestinians?

To expand its control over oil reserves.

What is the main reason for Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait?

The prevalent faith & language in SW Asia.

What are Islam & Arabic?

One of the Five Pillars, Muslims are expected to visit this holy city for this pilgrimage.

What are Mecca & the Hajj?

Considered to be a holy city for the three major religions found in the Middle East.

What is Jerusalem?

The oldest & youngest of the FIVE major religions of the world.

What are Hinduism and Islam?

Approximately 75% of all Muslims are of this branch of Islam, including Saudi Arabia.

What is Sunni Islam?

Formed to gain control over the price & production of oil.

What is the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries?

Two main reasons for the French & British desire to control the Arabian Peninsula.

What are oil and the Suez Canal?

An economic necessity that is a growing problem in SW Asia.

What is H 2 O?

The FOUR components of the HDI.

What are years of schooling, both average & expected, per capita GNI (PPP), and Life Expectancy?

The first & last countries to experience the Arab Spring?

What are Tunisia & Kuwait?

Created as a homeland to Jewish survivors of the Holocaust.

What is Israel?

The name given to a government run by religious leaders + an example in SW Asia.

What is theocracy and Iran?

This climate type can be found along the coasts of Israel, Lebanon, & the western coast of Turkey

What is Mediterranean?

Very good soil, lots of water, & a perfect location for trade made this area a cultural hearth

What is the Fertile Crescent?

The SIX non-SW Asia members of OPEC

What are Libya, Angola, Algeria, Nigeria, Venezuela, and Ecuador?

Make your wager

Name the capitals of Bahrain, Oman, Cyprus, Syria, and Lebanon

What are… Manama, Muscat, Nicosia, Damascus, & Beirut?