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Rohrback Cosasco Systems, Inc.
Corrater Systems
Linear Polarization Resistance
Corrosion Rate Monitoring
Corrater Systems
• Introduction
• Components
– Probes
– Instruments
– Dataloggers
– ICMS3 Software
• Summary
Corrater® Systems
Corrater® Systems
• Corrosion cost water industries millions of dollars each
year in equipment damage and downtime
• Because of many variables corrosion can be hard to
• Corrater Systems were developed exclusively for
measuring corrosion rate and pitting tendency in
conductive liquids (water)
• Corrater instruments and probes are
widely used in cooling, re-injection
process, potable, boiler and effluent
water systems
Corrater® Systems
• Employs Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) and uses
patented Solution Resistance Compensation (SRC)
• Captures corrosion rates in moments with just a single
reading, more accurately than competitive systems
• Field proven pitting tendency from an electrochemical
current noise sample, more reliable than competitive
noise methods
• Provides a wider operating range than traditional two and
three-electrode LPR methods
Corrater® Systems
ASTM G96-90(2001)e1 Standard Guide for on-line monitoring of corrosion in plant
applications (electrical and electrochemical methods)
Corrater® Systems
Corrater® Systems
• CORRATER® probes provide a direct measure of corrosion rate and
a qualitative pitting tendency of metals in electrolytes by the
technique of LPR
• CORRATER® probes interact with the electrochemical corrosion
mechanism in order to determine the rate at which metal ions are
passing into solution (corroding)
A simple reaction
of iron in neutral
aerated water
Corrater® Systems
• Replaceable electrodes double as corrosion
coupons providing a significant advantage
over other electrochemical and
electrochemical noise probe designs
• Electrodes are quickly
and easily replaceable
saving you both time
and money
Corrater® Systems
• Portable instruments are an affordable option
due to their flexibility and portability making them
an essential pocket instrument for every water
treatment engineer
• On-line instruments are essential in plants
where continuous supervision of corrosion is
required and prevention
of process upsets is critical
Corrater® Systems
Portable and on-line
instruments are
designed with numerous
features to meet your
specific water
application requirement
Corrater® Systems
• Portable Instruments
– 9000 Plus
• Ideal for normal conductivity waters
– Aquamate™
• Patented SRC extends the low conductivity
operating range from cooling water to condensate,
feedwater, and drinking water systems
Both models run on a single 9 volt battery and weigh less
than a pound
Corrater® Systems
• Online Instruments
– SCA-1
• For simple basic applications
• Displays and transmits corrosion rates up to
20 mpy (400µm/y)
– 9030 Plus
• Both analog 4-20mA output and datalogging capabilities
– 9020 or 9020 OEM
• Analog output
• 9020 OEM same as 9020 but without
NEMA 4X enclosure
– E-9020
• Digital explosion proof transmitter for on-line
operation in electrically hazardous areas
Corrater® Systems
• Dataloggers collect continuous corrosion history in
water applications with less stable conditions
• They operate anytime, anywhere through battery power
• Just minutes to install and run
• Transfer data to PC or via
handheld instrument
• Certified Intrinsically Safe
• Quick and easy data analysis
with Corrdata® Plus Software
Corrater® Systems
-ICMS3™ Software-
• Provides complete corrosion management
• E-9020 Corrater transmitters
are connected with multi-drop
power and communications
• Can be integrated with
Microcor Systems, Coupons,
Ultrasonics & Process
Corrater® Systems
• Corrater Systems employ Linear Polarization Resistance
(LPR) to measure corrosion rate and a noise sample for
pitting tendency in conductive liquids (water)
• The RCS patented SRC (Solution Resistance Compensation)
technology provides the highest measurement accuracy with
2-electrode probes over a range of conductivities from salt
water to condensates
• Both portable and on-line models available for quick and
accurate corrosion measurements
• A variety of probes with varying temperature and pressure
ratings available based on your specific needs
Corrater® Systems
• When used with data loggers or on-line Corrater
Systems can provide the same value as weight loss
coupons but deliver the following additional benefits:
– The time frame to calculate corrosion rate is user
determined allowing flexibility to quantify upset conditions,
– Inhibitor changes can be quickly evaluated
– Changing process conditions can be quickly identified
– Corrosion rate data can be quickly presented without
lengthy coupon analysis