Using the Staff Import to Create Security Users from an HR File

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Transcript Using the Staff Import to Create Security Users from an HR File

Texas Skyward User Group Conference
Using the Staff Import to Create
Security Users from an HR File
Janice Eisen, Fort Bend ISD
Using the Staff Import
This session will review the process to use the staff
import file to create security users from an Human
Resources System File.
FBISD uses the PeopleSoft System for our Financial
and HR processing.
Steps to create your file in
your financial software.
How will your file be configured?
• Does your Finance/HR software allow staff to be
assigned to multiple entities?
• Does your Finance/HR software allow staff to
only be assigned to one entity?
• Who has the ability to daily export the staff
information for you to use in Skyward?
Crosswalk File – HR Job Code vs
Skyward Security Role
Create a crosswalk file in Excel that will define the
skyward security group for the job code. It also
defines employees as teachers so that the ssn is
imported for PEIMS reporting.
For example, if I have this job code of T00525 I get
CAMP_VIEWER as my Skyward security role.
Skyward Import Template and
You will use the staff import WS\AD\SB\IM\IF. The
import is automated to run each morning.
Be careful of the preview mode.
Skyward Import Template and
Format of the fields that will be needed in the
.csv file from your HR/Finance system.
Things to Know about the Staff Import…
• New roles have to be added to the crosswalk. HR may not always
tell you when new job codes are created.
• Parents that become employees may reject due to their login
being used in the system.
• Problem with staff changing entities.
• Staff with multiple entities.
• Deactivating staff doesn’t take role away.
• If you manually add a staff member, override the import by
taking the employee id away. Otherwise the import will remove.
• The Staff Import Template will switch to Preview if you open the
template. Really watch this.
• You can check the option to Set All Staff Members in File to be
Active Users but the check mark doesn’t currently display.
• If you manually add staff to entities and then they come in via
the staff import, you may then duplicate staff records.
Examples of Errors…
This example above indicates the name key already exists in your database.
Possible ways to correct this issue are:
• Check Secured Users and verify that the user does not already exist. PS\CA\SE\US/SU
• Check Names Maintenance. Search all names. Enter the namekey without the ending numerical numbers.
If the name is being used as a guardian, locate the student associated with the parent. If the parent login for
family access is the fn.ln you may have to change and contact the parent with a new login.
• Open a service call with Skyward to find the name in the database with the advanced database fix module.
Additional notes:
Janice Eisen
Fort Bend ISD
Student Information
Systems Department
[email protected]
Texas Skyward User Group Conference