H2020 & Enlets

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European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services

H2020 & Enlets

P.Padding , Core group leader 17 -01- 2014


What is Enlets ?

European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services

Formal group in the European Union with: - 26 Memberstates - Coregroup



• ENLETS supports

front line policing


the fight against serious and organised crime

by gathering user requirements, scanning and raising awareness of new technology and best practices, benchmarking and giving advice. It is active in joint initiatives, sharing information and networking between law enforcement agencies, industry and research organisations. It is a point of contact to access European law enforcement technical organisations 3

Technology scope of ENLETS; include all levels

Research Best Practices Co-creation 4

Council Conclusions (Enfopol 148) Council tasked ENLETS Core group to:  organize a technology watch function for internal security research and industrial policy tasks in Europe   serve as a central contact point for Member states, Research and industry, agencies and the Commission See; http://www.consilium.europa.eu/uedocs/cms_data/docs/pressdata/en/jha/137399.pdf


H2020 and Enlets       Enlets is open for end-user driven proposals Secretariat will forward listed proposals to member states Enlets members will represent end users of Enlets for an effective dissemination strategy Participation based on equal partnership to ensure end user driven outcome Forward your proposals to [email protected]

Information will be treated confidentially 6