6 – Genitive Case – Tests

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Transcript 6 – Genitive Case – Tests

Complete com a opção correta:
a) On weekends we like to have dinner at ___________. [ Jack / Jack’s ]
b) ______________ dog is very well-mannered. [ Camila and Ana’s / Camila’s
and Ana’s]
c) I’ve examined ___________ grades. [ Claudio’ and Tom’s /
Claudio’s and Tom’s]
d) Have you seen ____________ sister? [ Vinicius / Vinicius’ ]
e) Have you seen the ____________ toys? [ child’s / children’ ]
f) ___________ father is an old friend of mine. [ James’ / James ]
g) ____________ father is a world-known musician. [ John’s and Paul’s /
John and Paul’s ]
Test 1
(FUVEST - SP) — Reescreva usando as palavras entre
parênteses no caso genitivo (‘S ou ’):
a) Even though it’s a (story, children) it’s quite amusing.
children’s story
b) This shouldn’t take us very long. I’d say it’s about an (work,
hour’s work
Test 2
(ACAFE - SC) - Which alternative contains an example of
Possessive Case:
a) It’s the right colour for you.
b) There’s a shop on the corner.
c) He’s very serious about shopping.
d) She’s got a yellow dress.
e) The world’s worst shoppers are the British.
Test 3
Mark the option that completes the sentence correctly:
She likes to hear everyone who’s able to declaim
___________ poems.
a) Keats’s the:
b) Keats;
c) Keats’;
d) of Keats:
e) Keats’ss.
Test 4
(FATEC - SP) Choose the correct alternative:
___________ father is in Europe.
a) The Mary’s and George’s:
b) Mary’s and George:
c) Mary and George’s;
d) Mary’s and George’s;
e) The Mary and George’s.
Test 5
(PUC - PR) - Choose the right alternative:
“There goes my friend Jackie!”. “I thought that lady was a
friend ___________“.
a) of Henry;
b) of Henry’:
c) of Henry’s:
d) Henry’s:
e) Henry.
Test 6
(PUCCAMP - SP) - Mark the right option:
‘Whose coat is this?”
“It’s my ____________
a) brother-in-law’s;
b) brother-in-Iaw;
c) brother-in’s-law;
d) brother-in-law’;
e) todas estão corretas.
Test 7
(UNITAU - SP) - Assinale a alternativa que corresponde a
tradução mais adequada da frase a seguir:
My mother’s maid has just bought the dog’s meat.”
a) Minha mãe e a empregada acabam de comprar a carne
do cachorro.
b) A empregada de minha mãe acaba de comprar a carne
do cachorro.
c) Minha mãe acabou de fazer a carne do cachorro.
d) Minha mãe fará compras com a empregada e o cachorro.
e) Minha mãe e empregada e comprou carne de cachorro.
Test 8
Mark the best option:
_________________ Law is quite important even nowadays.
a) Archimedes’s;
b) Archimedes;
c) Archimedes’;
d) Of Archimedes;
e) Archimede’s.
Test 9
(UFBA) - O "s’" é a forma abreviada de "is" em:
a) It’s happening.
b) Picasso’s impressionistic figure.
c) City’s pride.
d) Isamu Noguchi’s sculpture.
e) New York’s creations.
Test 1O
(FMU/FIAM/FAAM) - The ________ offices are modern.
a) businessmans’;
b) businessmans’s;
c) businessmen’s;
d) businessmens’;
e) businessmens’s.
Test 11
(ESAN) - Which is the correct fomi?
a) Hamlet’s is one of Shakespeare tragedies.
b) Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s tragedies.
c) Hamlet is one’s of Shakespeare tragedies.
d) Hamlet is one of Shakespeare tragedies.
Test 12
(UFRS) - When you leave, please shut the
a) room of the door
b) room’s door
c) door room
d) door of the room
e) door’s room
Test 13
(MED. ABC - SP) - Assinale a alternativa correta:
a) The boys school was ten blocks from St. Paul’s.
b) The boy’s school was ten blocks from St. Pauls.
c) The boy’s schools were ten blocks from St.
d) The boy’s school was ten blocks from St. Paul’s.
e) The boy’s school were ten blocks from St. Paul.
Test 14
(MACK - SP) - Mark the best option:
I couldn’t understand _____________
a) the psychiatrist’s and the wife’s words;
b) the psychiatrist and the wife’s words:
c) the psychiatrist’s and the wives words’;
d) the psychiatrist’s and the wives words;
e) the psychiatrist’s and the wife’ words:
Test 15
(UFMT) - Choose the alternative:
The Eiffel Tower in Paris is the________ most eloquent symbol.
a) city;
b) cities;
c) cities’;
d) city’s;
e) cities.
Test 16
Choose the right alternative:
We'll see ________ in ________
a) your picture; tomorrow’s paper.
b) yours picture; tomorrow paper.
c) yours picture; tomorrow paper’s.
d) your picture’s; paper’s tomorrow.
e) your picture; tomorrow’s paper’s.
Test 17
(FAEE - GO) - Choose the best alternative to
complete the sentences:
_________ new car is beautiful.
She studies _________ ideas.
Mary is in the _________ room.
a) Denis’- Socrates’s - teachers’;
b) Denis’s - Socrates’s - teachers’s;
c) Denis’ - Socrates’s - teachers;
d) Denis’s - Socrates’s - teachers’;
e) Denis’s - Socrates’ - teachers’.
Test 18
(PUC - SP) - Mark the best option:
I like ________ plays.
a) Sophocles’s;
b) Sophocles’;
a) Sophocles’s;
d) of Sophocles;
e) todas são corretas.
Test 19
(MACK - SP) - Only one of the sentences below is correct:
a) The house’s door were opened.
b) It’s been a hard day’s night.
c) That is nobody’ business.
d) Peter’s house is different from Wilson.
Test 20
(FUND. Santo André) — Choose the correct alternative:
It's a typical ____________________
a) work’s day;
b) day’s work;
c) a day of work;
d) works’ day;
e) works day.
Test 21
(UEL - PR) - Assinale a alternativa correta.
O homem é o pior inimigo da natureza.
a) Man is worse enemy's nature.
b) The man is the nature' worse enemy
c) Man is nature enemy's worst
d) The man is worst enemy of nature
e) Man is nature's worst enemy
Test 22
(UFSC) - Choose the propositions which
contain examples of possessive case:
01) David hasn’t always been a bright boy.
02) David’s special job was to get water.
04) He’s lost everything.
08) David’s brothers died in 1994.
16) He’s energetic and fearless.
32) His family was poor.
Test 23
Brazil: Babaçu Nut Breakers in the Bico do Papagaio
By Marcelo Silva
The warm waters of the Rio Araguaia join up with the cold waters of the
Rio Tocantins in the center of Brazil. The two rivers joining together shape the
outlines of a beak, more precisely a parrot’s beak, which explains its regional
name, Bico de Papagaio. This very region gained international notoriety for the
violence of its conflicts around its land in the 1970s and 80s as well as for being
the largest scene of land plundering in the world. While theu husbands were
engaged in the fight and occupying the land, the women supported their families
by practicing a primitive type of activity that still exists today, that is breaking
babaçu nuts. These women are known by the name of babaçu nut breakers in
the Bico do Papagaio. Thgy lead an exhausting daily life as they are confronted
by all sorts of difficulties in the quest to gather just enough money to buy one
kilo of rice and one of sugar at the end of the day.
outline: contorno
quest: busca, procura
plunder: saquear, piIhar, espoliar
It’s incorrect to say that:
a) The women from parrot’s beak have exhausting work
breaking nuts.
b) The women from parrot’s beak get only the money for some
c) The women from the parrot’s beak earn sufficient money to
buy all the family needs.
d) The women from parrot’s beak work to support the family.
e) The women from parrot’s beak face several difficulties while
Test 24
The word "they", underlined in line 22, refers to:
a) the difficulties;
b) the husbands;
c) the women;
d) the nuts;
e) the childrem.
Test 25
Coughing Kitties
Maryann Mott
Feline asthma isn’t a new disease. It was first described in scientific
literature more than 90 years ago, says veterinarian Philip Padrid of the Family Pet
Animal Hospital in Chicago.
Nicki Reed, a veterinarian at the University of Edinburgh’s Hospital for
Small Animals, says that when a coughing cat is brought to the clinic, she must first
establish if the cause is an infection, asthma, or something more sinister, like a
lung mass.
To do this, Read usually performs an x-ray, takes a lung fluid sample, and
conducts a bronchcoscopy — an examination that uses a flexible microscope
inserted into the cat’s airway.
Most of the time, asthma is a mild disease, Reed says. But in some cases
cat's lungs collapse or their ribs fracture due to difficulty in breathing.
“I think if we can identify asthmatic cats quite early and get treatments on board to
suppress their cough, then hopefully we can avoid them coming to such extremes,”
she said.
( Adapted from http-J/news.netionalgeografic.com/ I I news/2005/1O/1025_051 025_cat_asthma.html)
(UNIFOR-CE) - Segundo o texto
a) a tosse nos gatos é decorrente de uma infecçao pulmonar.
b) Padrid descobriu que a medicaçao usada em crianças não
tern efeito similar nos gatos.
c) a asma felina foi identificada he mais de 90 anos.
d) Reed comprovou que o diagnóstico precoce nos felinos evita
a morte par asma.
e) a tosse a indica urn estágio avançado de asma nos gatos.
Test 26
(UNIFOR - CE) - Na texto, cat’s lungs está
a) gramaticalmente correto, pois o ‘S deve ser agregado ao
primeiro elemento.
b) incorreto, pois a forrna correta é cats’ lungs, ou seja, cats deve
estar no plural.
c) incorreto, pois a forma carreta e cats Iungs ou seja, a apóstrofe
deve ser agregado ao segundo elemento.
d) incorreto e deveria ser substituido por cat lung’ com ambos os
elementos no singular.
e) incorreto e deveria ser substituldo por lungs’ of cats por não se
tratar de seres humanos.
Test 27
(MACK - SP) –
A customer named Willie Smith called our dry cleaners looking for his suit.
“We have a William Smith,” I told him.
“No, Willie Smith,” he insisted. I looked in our logbook and discovered that the suit had
been picked up by the sister of William Smith. I phoned her, then got back to Willie.
“You’re not going to believe this”, I said. “But William died and was buried in your suit.”
“Well, you’re not going to believe this,” he said. “I was at that funeral. And I remember
thinking, What a nice suit William’s wearing.”
(Reader’s Digest)
We can infer from the joke that
a) Willie’s sister picked up his suit for him.
b) William’s sister resembles Willie’s.
c) William had been buried in Willie rice suit.
d) The clerk at the dry cleaner’s discovered his logbook.
e) William went to the funeral wearing Willie’s suit.
Test 28