Jake`s Business Plan

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Transcript Jake`s Business Plan

Business Plan Seminar

Virtual Enterprise Business Plan Competition

Source Coordinator: Jacob Stuebbe

W.I.N. (What’s Important Now)

 Find one Business Plan Coach – Experience & Time  Recruit students late winter & early spring  – Search for a great mix (chemistry is key) Employees choose business – * crucial buy in – Revaluate year end – keep company name or not?

 Partner with businesses within Industry – Set up exchange visits (i.e. Best Buy trains Source)


Love Each Other


Trust Each Other


Help Each Other


Respect Each Other


Do The Right Thing

Time Factor

 Willingness to commit – 0 Week & Summer Leadership meetings – 3 hour after school practices (1 time per week)  Start Up business – First year takes most time – birth of an idea  3 Phases (Local, State, & National) – – – Phase 1 – *25 hours (23 written, 2 oral) Phase 2 – *50 hours (35 written, 15 oral) Phase 3 – *75 hours (25 written, 50 oral) *business plan hours mostly spent outside of class

Attention to Detail

 Stick to the rubric – Each section has to cover everything – Shoot for max score every time  Watch written and oral business plan videos – Ask Nancy Phillips  Every member on business plan team writes each part together.

 Ask partners to critique content and English teachers to critique grammar and structure

Critical Areas to Written Plan

 Find a sharp Chief Financial Officer (26%) – Problem solver who catches errors  Real World research is crucial (24%)  – Divide and conquer Keep perspective – View Plan as a whole – Graphics coordinate – Oral rubric just as important as written – Everyone in company has stake in plan

Oral Business Plan of Attack

 Pick one area (i.e. SWOT Analysis) – Students write it together and all memorize  Presenters audition in front of practice judges  Select team - Each member writes own speech – Business coach refines speeches with each member  Practice Presentations – – Regional practice run with judges before State Video tape and watch

Critical Areas of Oral Plan

 Explanation of Finances (21%) – Have to understand and communicate the Big 3  Question and Answers (25%) – All members need to be experts in certain areas – and know a little bit of everything H.E.O. & T.E.O. (teamwork – never leave someone stranded)

Final Thoughts

 It’s about relationships  Have fun with it!

  Let the kids take sit in the driver seat Give it all you’ve got! It’s good enough!

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