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DreamFactory Services Platform



What we’re announcing A new mobile development architecture: the DreamFactory Services Platform Designed specifically for enterprise developers and the cloud News goes live Tuesday, April 30, 7am pst We kindly request you embargo the news until 4/30 at 6am pst Online media kit: 4/23/13 2

DreamFactory Software

History Founded 2002 Funded by NEA in 2006 Series B Financing 2012 Head office in Campbell, Calif. with a development center in Atlanta, Georgia Rich-client pioneers SOA, XML-RPC, SOAP, REST, JSON, etc.

Early adopter of, Intuit, Cisco, AWS and Azure Special relevance of rich-client model for mobile app development Engineering expertise designing client-service platforms Enterprise pain points Need for comprehensive, standards-based services palette Need to lower software development costs and time to value Need for application performance and enterprise grade security Need to run platform on their cloud or data center 4/23/13 3

DreamFactory Services Platform

Any Cloud or Data Center REST and JSON Our open source software package can be installed on any cloud or data center and managed with the tools you already use.

4/23/13 4

Powerful Services

SQL Data User Admin & SSO BLOB Storage External Services Mobile Services Platform 4/23/13 A comprehensive suite of services with support for a wide variety of mobile application scenarios.


Any Client

4/23/13 Standards-based REST interface supports both JSON and XML documents for HTML5 or native client technologies.


Any Cloud

4/23/13 Free developer account. Install on any data center or cloud computer. Move applications and data between platforms.


One Engineer

New Install Services Platform Design User Interface Create Client Application Delivery Old Configure Server & Software Design Backend Services Create Services Interface Design User Interface Create Client Application Test Services Interface 4/23/13 Now a single engineer can build a mobile enterprise application without any server-side software development.

Delivery 8

Better, Faster, Cheaper

For software developers No need for server-side software development Smaller teams for front end only, lower costs Better user experience on mobile devices Support for occasional connection More secure than “roll your own” Faster time to value For system administrators Less network traffic, lower mobile data bills Apache License for your cloud or data center Manage platform with familiar tools for AWS or Azure Move apps between development, testing, and production Lower cloud hosting cost for compute, storage, and transactions 4/23/13 9

Enterprise Security

Server-side characteristics Open source code base + security audit Buffer overrun and SQL injection aware Runs on your cloud infrastructure Client-side benefits Comprehensive services palette Single sign-on, user management, password hashing Instant session updates for administrative changes User roles and permissions Control application visibility CRUD access for SQL data objects Expose BLOB storage systems by folder tree Access to services with credential hiding 4/23/13 10


Improve communication between HQ and Retail Cross-enterprise application ideally suited for a cloud approach Global deployment dictated low network bandwidth approach App sophistication required rich user experience PaaS platforms fell short on price and performance DreamFactory provides solution on SQL Azure Service interface turns IaaS into superior PaaS alternative Azure offered the best combination of cost, performance and agility Client-to-cloud optimizes bandwidth, benefitting slow connections 2000 users,17 countries, 9 clouds 4/23/13 11

Case Study

Modus Create Software development agency with expertise in HTML5 Looking for a more standardized back-end server Wants focus on front-end user interface and user experience DreamFactory Services Platform One engineer built Corporate Address Book application in two months Wrote HTML5 application in Sencha Ext JS framework For desktop, tablet, and phone 4/23/13 12


Admin Console 4/23/13 Tutorial App Live API Example App 13

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