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Single Incision Laparoscopic (SILS) Surgery
Guy Nash
• Traditionally surgeons made big open
• 1990’s Minimally invasive surgery
decrease wound problems
(wound pain
• In Last years NOTES and SILS
decrease number of incisions
SILS also known as…
SPA - Single Port Access
NOTUS - Natural Orifice Trans Umbilical Surgery
eNOTES – embryological Natural Orifice Surgery
TUES - Trans Umbilical Endoscopic Surgery
OPUS - One Port Umbilicus Surgery
SPL - Single Port Laparoscopic
SIMPLE - Single-incision multiport laparoendoscopic
Proposed advantages of SILS over traditional
laparoscopic surgery
Improved cosmesis
Decreased postoperative pain
Lower hernia rate
Fewer adhesions to wounds
Earlier discharge (now only median 3 days for
right hemicolectomy done laparoscopically)
• Earlier return to work
• Currently laparoscopy has shown great
benefits, these may be improvable…..
Evidence of improving lapaparoscopic plus enhanced
recovery benefits to my patients, showing
their hospital stays after right hemicolectomy
SILS Appendicectomy I carried out recently,
patient was discharged well 2 hours later
SILS: Incisional Hernia repair
Shows ports via single 1.5cm incision