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Oui Can Help!
Open to Question, November 1, 2011
Chanel Bourdon, Project Coordinator
Ollivier Dyens, Vice-Provost, Teaching and Learning
Brad Tucker, Director, Institutional Planning Office
Oui Can Help! - Goals
 Connecting Concordia students with French
language resources available within
Concordia and across the city to:
Deepen their appreciation of Québec and
particularly of Montréal
Increase their chances of securing part-time and
full-time employment in Québec
Help prepare them to remain in the province and
participate fully in Québec society.
Long term goals for 2012
 Promoting French to all students, staff
and Faculty members
 Establishing a long term partnership with
Government offices in hopes of
increasing funding for students and thus
continue offering bursaries
 Possibility of creating a “French Help
Center” where resources on Frenchlanguage acquisition could be
centralized in one area
Long term goals for 2012
 New initiatives to help you practice French on
campus :
 French conversations groups for beginners and
intermediate facilitated by a French speaking
 FSL workshop on strategies to learn French as a
second language;
 YOUR DAILY FRENCH: A one hour workshop on
providing resources to learn French on campus as
well as outside the university
 GET THE JOB YOU WANT: A one-hour workshop
providing quick tips on job search strategies and
interview tips (that incorporate the French
language) to students wanting to find part-time or
full-time work.
French-language bursary program
Established by the Secrétariat à la politique linguistique and
Le ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport
Part of the Stratégie commune d’intervention pour Montréal
100 bursaries of $500 each, awarded February 2012
 50 awarded to out-of-province students
 50 awarded to international students
International and out-of-province students must be:
 registered in undergraduate or graduate program
(or qualifying program)
 interested in the opportunity of improving their Frenchlanguage skills
Eligibility criteria for bursary program
 Good academic standing
 International or out-of-province student
 Enrolled in FRAN 211 and / or FRAN 212 in fall 2011 and/
or winter 2012 in the Département d’études françaises.
Bursary not available to:
 Students whose mother tongue or language used at home
is French
 Québec residents or those from provinces, countries, or
regions where the French-language is predominant or well
 Independent students, visiting students, students enrolled
in certificate or diploma programs.
Eligibility criteria for bursary program
Undergraduate students
FRAN 211 or 212 can be taken as an elective
International Students, Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents
who are Non-Quebec Residents who register in a Bachelors program
will be exempted from the differential fees for approved courses in
French Language, Literature and Quebec Studies only.
Graduate students
FRAN 211 or 212: no credit towards degrees or qualifying program
To be eligible for bursary, must register as graduate independent
Students should use the Tuition fee calculator to know the cost of a
French course
Graduate students should also consider GRADPROSKILLS to learn
French for free!
Application process
 Log on to your MyConcordia Portal account
 Follow the “Financial” then “Financial Aid and
Awards” links to the list of available online
 Select “Concordia University French-language
 Follow online instructions.
 Application deadline:
January 31, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.
Selection process
 Completion of questionnaire
 reviewed by selection committee
 Each recipient receives one bursary valued at $500
 paid directly to student account at Concordia
 Enrollment in more than one FRAN course will not increase the
bursary beyond its set $500 value.
 Application does not automatically guarantee eligibility or
eventual selection for a bursary.
 Applying for bursary does not guarantee a place in one or both
introductory courses (FRAN 211 or 212).
 Note: given the number of applicants and limited number of
bursaries, refunds will not be provided to students who
take the courses should they not receive a bursary.
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