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Homeopathic Treatment of
Skin Diseases
Sulphur, Psorinum, Graphites,
Petroleum and Urtica urens
The character in symbols.
The skin.
The Volcano
Explosive, fiery temper which suddenly erupts
in explosive wrath.
The anger usually quickly subsides, but can sulk
The action of the remedy is to throw things out,
especially onto the skin.
(Can reverse suppression: emotional or drug suppression)
Passion and ego. An ego the size and power of a volcano.
No one knows better than Sulphur !
They are right, and they take things and people for granted.
Selfish: everything is seen from their point of view.
Passionate about their own interests,
but also a curious and adventurous spirit.
There is a burning desire to investigate and analyze all things:
especially taking things to bits and putting them back together again
– a toy, or a car engine on the kitchen table!
– or the universe,
the philosopher, the inventor, the visionary,
the religious zealot – hellfire and brimstone evangelists.
The Sleeping Volcano
Lazy and delay starting, unless stimulated by an interest.
Scruffy children covered in mud,
Men spread engine oil throughout the home
– Aversion to bathing.
Ailments from embarrassment in front of peers.
Burning, Heat and Redness.
Warm blooded, usually < heat: sun, weather, room, bed.
Burning heat of soles of feet, stick them out the bed covers.
Burning, offensive, acrid discharges from any part of the body:
Burning itching in eruptions
RED: face, lips, ears, palms, orifices, skin eruptions.
Aversion to Bathing
His faeces stink the house out,
yet he is very sensitive to other’s odours!
AVERSION TO + < BATHING: especially eruptions,
and eruptions seem better when covered in engine oil !
Desires: alcohol, beer and whisky, sweets, ice cream, chocolate,
fats, junk food.
Aversion: eggs
<: 11a.m., an empty, hungry sinking feeling inside
<: standing still, suppression of eruptions or discharges,
< 5 a.m., woken by need for stool.
>: open air, motion, being busy, sweating, lying down.
Any eruption in a patient who needs Sulphur.
Recurrent boils;
a succession of boils:
as soon as one boil is healed
another forms on a different site.
Red, moist, and tremendously itchy.
The itch can be voluptuous or burning.
Itch <: heat: bed, sun, room; bathing; wool.
Must scratch, can scratch until skin raw and bleeding
Itch changes place on scratching
The sero-purulent matter from a
scabies vesicle
from severe, prolonged itching
of recovery
from prolonged suffering
from inability to recover
from anxiety and foreboding
whenever feels well, knows that it is soon
followed by a prolonged illness
The Hopeless Struggle
Poverty: no energy, no reactive power.
Powerless to resist, yet still struggle
Very chilly and < cold yet skin < heat
ailments from suppressed eruptions
prolonged debility and sweats after acute illness
attacks preceded by extreme hunger, eating >
foul discharges: sweat, stool, urine, menses e.t.c.
<<: cold, drafts, open air, change of weather, sun,
thunderstorm, coffee, fingers touching
• >>: lying on back with arms out from sides
Dirty, dingy, dry, greasy
looks unwashed even when washed
aversion to bathing and bathing <<
emanates a foul odour even when washed
unhealthy, every tiny injury suppurates
foul perspiration
eczema, vesicles, boils, warts, ulcers ……
• Intense prolonged itching: << heat of : bed,
room, sun, night, bathing
• Despair from severe prolonged itching
• Scratches till skin raw and bleeding
• Itch only briefly relieved by scratching
• Dry, flaky, crusty, vesicular, cracking,
easily infected then suppurates.
The lead of a fine English pencil
hard to make the simplest choice
full of doubts
timidity and lack of self confidence
hard to analyze, plan, think in abstracts
> simple, straightforward life
Due to irresolution
Upset over tiny details
Anticipates difficulties
Anxiety, sadness weeping and despair from
little details of life, > unburdening it all to
husband or doctor
• Fidgety, fussy fastidiousness over details
• Obese
• hungry, are > eating, stomach > warm milk,
love to nibble + >
• chilly yet < heat
• burning, numbness and deadness sensations
• aversion to coition
• photophobia
Hunger, wake hungry in night
love to nibble
> eating, > warm milk
Averse: meat, fish, salt, sweets
<<: cold drinks, cold food
Desire: warm milk, beer, chicken
>>: warm food, warm milk, warm drinks
• Thick, hard and lumpy
• cracks and fissures
• oozing moisture which dries to a yellow
crust of crystals like honey
• keloid scars
• every injury suppurates
• scratch till skin bleeds
Crude Oil
Anger, Fear and Confusion
• Irritable, offended by the slightest thing, suddenly
flies into a rage, violent and destructive
• fierce and uncontrollable anger << by alcohol
• yet easily frightened and afraid on slight
• confusion, loses his way in familiar places
• confusion < walking in open air
Chilly and dreads open air
motion sickness from boat, car, train
offensive perspiration, axillae and feet
<: thunderstorms, wet and changing weather
gnawing hunger > eating, nausea and diarrhoea are
> eating
• desires beer, brandy
• flatulence from beans, peas, cabbage
• Skin problems provoked or << by crude oil or any
of its derivatives: e.g. cosmetics
• Furuncles and boils and blackheads
• DRYNESS, no > emollients
• CRACKING: deep bleeding cracks, worse
on hands and fingertips, folds of skin,
• <<< winter, and > summer
Urtica urens
The Stinging Nettle
Allergic Eruptions
• Stinging, burning, itching as from nettles
• Urticaria with weal and large red flare
<: shellfish, after bathing, violent exercise;
> lying down, rubbing.
• Urticaria alternating with rheumatism/gout
• Burns from hot water, stinging itch and pain
• Stings of insects
• Absence of milk after childbirth